Bruce Banner #3 and SSSDH Bud Budder (Green Dream Health Services)Review


Beyond the luminous golden caramel color and the perfect malleable yet not sticky/gooey texture, this sample was just extremely clean-looking.  Unlike many otherwise quality samples of BHO, we saw absolutely no particulate in this one; no anonymous specks of dust, no hairs, just a wonderfully homogeneous extraction.  Perhaps the cleanliness of this extraction was partially due to it being made with 100% lower buds rather than shake and trim — there’s just less of a chance to get particulate into the extraction, and it paid off with this one.  This budder was very easy to work with no matter what method you’re using to consume it, not sticking to the hands or crumbling as many do.  Simply put, all of our reviewers (veteran BHO consumers) were thoroughly impressed by the appearance and texture of this extraction and consequently couldn’t wait to try it.


Like the aroma, it was mostly the flavor of pure trichomes, but we did pick up a more distinct lemon-fuel flavor which definitely brought Diesel and Kush to mind, two major players in the lineage of the strains that went into this extraction.  The flavor wasn’t as pungent as the aroma, and it had a fresh quality that left the mouth feeling clean after the exhale.  The smoke was very expansive for the triple-screened pipe reviewer, but was incredibly smooth for the Essential Vape reviewer (unusual for that device, which often causes long coughing bouts) and the vapor swing  reviewer.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy boost, strong ocular and facial effects, sensory enhancement, creativity, reduction/distraction from pain, aid with migraines, relief of stomach discomfort/digestion issues, and strong mood elevation.


This extract was so close to getting an A+ — the only real reason it didn’t get that mark was because we’ve had some BHO extractions which more directly reproduce the flavor and aromas of the parent strains rather than the “standard oil” smell that this one had for the most part.  These other extracts are primarily “shatter”-grade hash oil, but we grade all BHO extractions against one another.  This was basically the best budder we have tried and don’t hesitate to recommend it to those who love the easy-to-handle texture of budder over the at-times difficult oil or crumbly wax.  The cleanliness of this extraction, the gorgeous color, and the pungent aroma all showed its high quality, and the superbly uplifting and energetic effects cemented it as something we want to keep in our ‘medicine cabinet’ regularly.  We felt that this one was most suited and enjoyed during the daytime, but a night out, or even a night spent socializing with friends at home would be enhanced to a great degree with this buddder.  It does keep the mind moving to a great extent, so we’d not recommend it as a night-ender for those who need help sleeping.

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