Bordello (Cherry Creek Health)Review


Very loose, not the best grow but you can see it’s good herb.


An acrid, woody almost bitter taste was present.


Indica, nice body buzz.  Received an immediate warm and tingly face and high concentration.  This was followed by a “mixed-bag” of not knowing exactly what to do.  Comes with a zone-out component, I watched part of a hockey game on TV for the first time in 3-4 years, followed by a bit of the spanish channel…


This was a nice medium hybrid, a great one for early evening with the indica dominance.  It wasn’t a locker but a great relaxer and zoner.  This isn’t a staple at CCH, so when it’s in I would pick it up for a treat. Be sure to check the up coming edition of Most Hi for the re-review of the Plum Kush.

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