Blueberry (Herbal Connections Cherry Creek)Review


Pretty stereotypical Blueberry — bright calyxes, dark green leaves, and orange pistils.  Average in almost every sense, it was dense enough to be substantial, dry enough to burn well, and covered in a moderately dense layer of trichs.  Good harvest timing, but the manicure could’ve been nicer, as there were some non-frosty leaves left on.


A tad disappointing after the sugary bouquet, the taste was a little more subdued, with only one reviewer getting the beautiful candy berry/muffin type taste out of it.  It seems to be in there, but coaxing it out wasn’t easy for everyone… there was an earthy element to it as well that came out in later hits.  Rather smooth and not particularly expansive, this one was an easy smoke.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Muscle relaxation, mild pain relief (especially upper back/neck), mood elevation, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulation, and enduring ocular/sinus attention.


We haven’t reviewed a proper Blueberry in some time now, and the whole staff really enjoyed the throwback.  This one was the perfect Blueberry for us smell-wise, with its unmistakable sugary berry scent and “pick it out of a lineup” appearance.  It was never too strong but was surprisingly enduring, ending a bit abruptly after holding steady for nearly 2 hours.  We love Blueberry as a versatile Indica, as it doesn’t leave you couchlocked or slow-witted but still lightens the mood and relieves the daily tensions and pains.  It’ll never be supreme top-level connoisseur grade, but it’s one that we always enjoy going back to — great for beginner and mid-level patients who desire a linear, positive, relaxing experience.

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