Blue Kush (CAM)Review


In what seemed to be the theme of this sample, Blueberry and Kush was apparent even from a visual sense, with the coloration closely resembling most Blue strains (light green calyxes, dark blue-green guard leaves), but the structure screaming “Kush” with its pinecone shape and large calyxes.  The buds were very frosty and left a coating of trichomes like a trail of breadcrumbs marking its path into the smoking apparatus.  We did find some tiny seeds developing in what looked to be a lower bud, but there were no signs of them in the larger one.  That flaw aside, this was a beautiful sample that showed bright colors, great trichome coverage, and good harvest timing (perhaps a bit early, but with visible champagne and amber-colored heads in many areas).


Though it was less pungent and more ethereal than the aroma, the taste was much the same and continued the perfect match of Blue and Kush.  We again noticed that the flavor seemed to shift and mutate as we burned away the sample, at times being sweet berry, at times sour berry, and sometimes all Kushy spice.  We all enjoyed how the flavor changed and the overall complexity, as well as the endurance.  The smoke was fairly thick but smooth on the throat, only causing a bit of coughing towards the end.  It sample burned away to a medium gray, indicating that it might have benefited from an additional few days of flushing… no black chunks though.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Muscle relaxation, pain relief, mood elevation, relief from nausea, and some anti-anxiety properties (no strong, anxious start)


It’s somewhat rare that a strain’s qualities live up to its name in all areas, but this was certainly one of those.  This was our first experience with Blue Kush and we all found it to be extremely enjoyable, exotic, and something we’d all happily go out and buy.  The appearance, smell, and taste were like the two strains were combined in a lab — perfect fusion of sweet fruitiness and Kush spiciness and elements of each strain’s structure.  We found this strain to be very relaxing and medicinal without being overbearing or sending us into a withdrawn, sleepy state like many Indicas can do.  Perfect daytime (or evening really) Indica relief, though complicated tasks might rub you the wrong way when you really just want to enjoy the strain’s comforting body effects.  We’d love to see this one in perfect condition (no tiny seeds, maybe a longer flush), as it was bordering on an A+…

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