Blue Hawaiian (Health Depot)Review


These flowers are simpy beautiful inside, covered with shiny trichomes and giving wonderful colors – lots of light greens and oranges.  The only issue is the sugar leaves protect but hide these pretty meds and could have been slightly more trimmed to enhance the overall appeal.  I found myself removing 15%-20% of each smokable nug to rid myself of the leaf content.


Sharp smoke with a hazy taste in the beginning and then a strong after-taste of fruity sweetness.


The Blue Hawaiian is a great looking strain with plenty of red hairs to add on to its marvel.  A bit leafy on the outside, but the inside is packed full of sparkly trichomes.  The buzz has a great balance of both head and body high, and a beautiful look and smell to match.  Personally, the only down side is the medication is not as strong as I usually like.  But, there is always a place and time for this type of smoke.

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