Blue Dream (The Hemp Center)Review


Slightly dense buds with a great bud to leaf ratio.  A bluish hue around the buds with crystals falling off everywhere.  No visible damage or pests.  Dry.


The smoke is a little spicy and sweet.  Mix of berries and cheese.


The head buzz kicks in fast and last about 30 minutes, and then lingered to the body for a minor sedating buzz.  Not too overwhelming, small possibility of paranoia and allows for daytime functionality.


Blue dream was a wonderful smoke with its sweet smell and great buzz.  I really liked that it lasted for a long time, while not being too overpowering causing drowsiness or dizziness.  This sample receives the same grade as the CAM Blue Dream but for different reasons.  The CAM sample is more amber and a little more potent, but doesn’t last as long and didn’t have quite the pungence of smell and taste.

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