Blue Dream (High Grade Alternatives)Review


A notorious big producer, this sample was made up of very large, dense, blocky nuggets with a slightly spongy yet well-dried texture and a generous layer of trichomes.  The pistils are a very light strawberry color and extremely fuzzy-looking.  Basically perfect harvest timing was indicated by the blend of clear, cloudy,and amber trichomes.


This was a rather tasty Blue Dream, with an interesting almost creamy vanilla-kissed berry taste that also had a floral element to it that made it not overtly sweet.  That taste also endured longer than normal, lasting well through all the greens and providing a light sweetness almost to the finish.  It burned to an average-looking medium gray ash, so it had a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  One reviewer reported this strain alleviating “level 8 back pain” and being one of the best pain meds he’s encountered, while others mainly experienced a deep body relaxation and reduction of motor skills.  A hybrid blend, this has some energetic, creative moments and some relaxing, thoughtful ones.  Appetite stimulation was also a common theme.


Tied with the Delta 9 Blue Dream as our favorite examples of the strain, this one was less frosty but perhaps more impressive effects and taste-wise.  They were similar overall though, with the same “up then down” experience and blend of at times divergent mental and physical effects.  We loved the big dense structure of the sample and its smell, and the perfect harvest timing showed in its peak potency, which was more than enough for our staff.  A great start for High Grade Alternatives… simply put, if you like this strain, theirs is a winner.

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