Blue Dream (Delta 9)Review


Simply put, this is the best-looking Blue Dream we’ve seen to date — absolutely loaded with tall clear-cloudy trichomes, made up of fat, bubbly calyxes, and with no flaws so speak of.  This sample was well cared-for after harvest, as it was in pristine condition and perfectly dry and dense.


The taste was sweeter than the smell, giving off an almost “purple” sweetness to go along with a floral Haze background and a distinct fruitiness.  The smoke wasn’t that expansive or harsh, making it a nicely-predictable experience.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anti-depression, appetite stimulation, mood elevation, anti-anxiety, mild body pain relief, possible ocular relief.


Although it ties in grade with this sample and this one, this is the best Blue Dream we’ve had so far in several areas, certainly in regards to the appearance and peak potency.  Aside from the first 10 minutes or so, which were a little on the extreme side, this strain was thoroughly enjoyable for all of our review staff and provided a host of medical benefits.  It was immaculately grown, well-timed, and well-kept — great job by the guys at Delta 9.  Though we see a lot of this strain, this one made us really pay attention and pay it some respect… it really has great potential along with being a big producer.

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