Banana Kush (Urban Dispensary)Review


The sample acquired had very loose bud structures, but were sparkling with very shiny trichomes.  An above average visual appeal for this Kush strain.


That banana taste lingers in your mouth.  Very sweet and pleasant.


This was a classic Indica body buzz, focusing its effects in the chest region (some feeling heavy and others feeling expanded or full).  The sample provided quick results with some dizzy or light headed effects for the initial 5 -10 minutes.


This smoke can induce mild coughing fits as the expansion stays with you for a minute or two after smoking.  It carries a solid potency for a fruity named strain and can be enjoyed sitting or on the go.  It has a talkable nature, but also gives a nice introspective experience to the patient.  The taste and smell are absolutely captivating, and makes for a really tasty joint to share with a group.

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