Andy’s Blue Dream (The Tea Pot Lounge)Review


This was clearly a well-grown sample of this strain, which we’ve seen quite a bit due to its overall popularity in the medical scene.  The mixed light greens and fluffy, creamy orange pistils gave it a classic look, while the abundant trichomes hinted that it has more to offer than some of those “classic” strains.  We were impressed with the well-preserved nature of the trichomes, the harvest timing (perfect blend of clear cloudy, and amber), and the post-harvest care in general, though there were a few crunchy guard leaves that could’ve been removed.  Overall, a very good example of Blue Dream, better-looking and frostier than many we’ve seen, with an open, Sativa-style structure instead of the sometimes blocky appearance it gets when it’s  practically stuffed with nutrients during its growth period.


Like the aroma, the initial flavor was mostly in the sweet floral berry category, but it had an underlying earthy quality and a fairly thick (though smooth) smoke.  The exhale was very pleasing for us, carrying hints of sandalwood that definitely recalled the Haze lineage.  The smoke was smooth and non-expansive, making for an easy smoking experience suitable for those who don’t like the coughing that comes with many strains.  Part of that was probably the clean flush this sample received, as the resulting ash was a crisp-looking very light gray with about 20% pure white material.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mild to moderate pain relief, some muscle relaxation, strong mood elevation, anti-anxiety qualities later in the duration, appetite stimulation, energy, and strong ocular effects.


This was one of the best examples of Blue Dream that we’ve seen in quite some time, hitting all the right notes for the strain and impressing us in all areas.  ”Andy’s Blue Dream” is supposedly the original cut from the Northern Cali medical scene, and that would jive with the overall quality of this strain — if this was the only Blue Dream we’d ever seen, our impression of and excitement for the strain would certainly be higher.  The good harvest timing brought out the potency of this strain, and it almost got on top of one of our veteran reviewers early, but evened out into a creative and stimulating experience that had none of the negative qualities with which strong Sativas often come.  If you’re a fan of Blue Dream, definitely check out the Pink House version, as it was high-quality in all areas — this one fell just short of an ‘A’, mainly due to the somewhat quick plateau in effects.

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