Alien OG (CAM)Review


This was absolutely one of the most impressive samples that we’ve seen on a purely visual level.  The amount of tall, leaning trichomes that cover every surface of this sample is astronomical, thanks in large part to the Alien Technology father, which really seems to add trich coverage to everything it touches.  Big, burly teardrop-shaped calyxes are mostly minty green but are deep purple in areas (likely due to the Purple Kush influence), lending this an even prettier appearance up-close.  No visible flaws to this sample aside from a slightly loose manicure — it appeared to be very well-grown and harvested at the proper time (~10-15% amber trichomes).


A hint of pine, some sweetness, and some of the same spice notes from the smell were present in the taste, though again, it wasn’t all that pungent.  The taste lingered more in the throat than on the tongue (in a good way), and some taste was present almost all the way to the end.  The last few hits got a little ‘hot’, but overall it was a rather smooth smoke that didn’t give us the urge to cough — the final ash was a semi-murky medium gray, showing that it could’ve perhaps used a longer flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Very strong ocular attention, joint/hand pain relief (arthritis), general relaxation, mild muscle tension relief, migraine relief, and possible ADD/ADHD/attention issue remedy.


While not quite as potent as we expected from the absolutely ridiculous appearance, this Alien OG still provided a very nice hybrid experience, with solid relaxation throughout as well as a productive but thoughtful mental state.  The bag appeal in the visual sense is off-the-charts and the appearance alone will be enough for most people to give it a go.  We did feel that it could’ve used a longer flush and cure to bring out the taste and smell to a higher degree… but really, that’s nitpicking on what was a very well cared-for sample.  We recommend this as an after-work relaxant, as it will help you unwind without sending you to sleep or off on a journey of mental distraction — despite its look, it’s suitable for all levels of patient, as long as a slight anxiety-laden start can be tolerated.

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