Alien Dog (A Cut Above)Review


Light green, almost yellow from trichome coverage with approximately 30% having ambered.  We did find tiny undeveloped pods in this sample, but frankly we didn’t really care!


A soft sweetness (berry/pine) with delayed, albeit big, expansion.  Sample burned to a grey ash, not quite fully flushed.


You feel it heavily in your head and face immediately (upper jaw and teeth were kind of tingling and numb), with a buzzy warm body high feeling, but everywhere.  Definitely stronger than most right off the bat, you can feel that trichome coverage in a real way.  You almost have trouble focusing your eyes, it’s very strong and a little disorienting. It definitely has an indica profile, the pulsing warm high all over the body and head is really something, repeated yawning and stretching.


The Alien Dog is a terrific indica based strain, stemming from one of the most popular strains making its way across the country (Alien Technology).  We recommend using small samples of this for medicating, as the more you ingest the larger the head/mind effects become and it seems to detract from the brilliance of the body medication.  On the other hand, seasoned patients may enjoy the diversity the strain offers and choose to go “all in” for both mind and body exhuberation.

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