Albert Walker (Stone Mountain Wellness)Review


Up close this sample was dark hues, but at arms length appeared much lighter.  About 30% of the sample is covered in pistils.  Nice and dry, and medium density.


Smoked via rolling papers at request of Caregiver.  A lemon flavor felt through a tingly tongue (think sour menthol for feeling not taste) – very tactile taste on this sample.  It was a medium harshness smoke, since rolled we couldn’t see the ash color, but it tasted well flushed.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Has solid pain management, differing levels of energy for fatigue depending on patient (most reported some energy), and definitely great for mood enhancement.


We all really like this Albert Walker sample, not only a great strain, but grown very well.  It is interesting to note that we had at least one outlier that experienced almost exact opposite waves during this medication (started indica and then went way sativa) so please learn how it affects you prior to heavily medicating.  This was also one of the longest lasting medicines we have experienced, and from a typical small dosage, NOT ingesting larger volumes.

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Hybrid [Reasonably believed to be an Afghani lineage, majority of our reviewers found a heavy uplifting sativa affect for 20-30 minutes, then into a realxed indica state. Personally, I was the outlier finding heavy indica traits directly after ingestion and wasn't able to get out of my seat for a solid half-hour. Then it turned energetic just about the time others reported a major indica high coming on.] *See more story below.

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