AK-47 (Urban Dispensary)Review


The colors of this one were deep and rich, with dark red pistils and a variety of bold greens ranging from minty to pine.  The density of this sample was below average for the strain, and it had a fairly open structure where the pistils seemed to poke out of it like a “Koosh” ball.  The trim was adequate but could’ve been closer for sure, but the real problems we had were the moderate amount of trichome damage seen throughout the sample as well as the smattering of medium-sized immature seeds which were seen in pods throughout the bud… it appears that this one (or a plant nearby in the room) may have hermied somewhat early on.  Still, this sample had good to great bag appeal in the hand and had us excited to try it — the closer inspection is where our excitement started to wane.  We did appreciate the harvest timing though, as there were a solid amount of amber heads along with cloudy and champagne-colored ones.


The review team reported floral, woody and vegetable flavors, with multiple reviewers mentioning how fresh and outdoorsy it all tasted.  While the taste wasn’t overtly strong, it was pleasing and extremely smooth.  Nobody reported coughing and two mentioned this as being a good smoke for those with allergies or respiratory issues forced to incinerate their meds.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular, facial, and cranial attention, minor pain relief (mainly upper body, but also aided with menstrual cramps), mood elevation, increased appetite, some energy to start, and relaxation to finish.


When first presented with this sample, we were all excited to try it, as we don’t see this old-school Dutch strain around that much these days, especially looking this frosty and appealing.  Once we really got into the medicine, however, it wasn’t quite as impressive, with some basic grow flaws that hampered the overall quality.  Simply put, this strain could be grown better, and we want to see it minus the tiny seeds and with a little more heft.  Regardless of the potential it has, what is present in the sample is a moderate potency Sativa effect that served to awaken our senses and put us in a great mood throughout most of the experience, converting to a more relaxed feeling later.  We see this one as a good choice for early evening of afternoon when an uplift is needed, but so is a winding-down afterwards.  The medical benefits of this sample were numerous, and the duration was also above-average, again showing its flashes of great potential.  If the smell and flavor took a step up and the minor seeds were absent, this one would definitely have made it into the A_ or greater range… we just couldn’t overlook the shortcomings.

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