AK Cherry Lime (Green Belly Community Garden)Review


This strain has a very pale and “creamy” look, with its orange creamsicle-colored pistils and moderate trichome coverage.  It wasn’t very dense, but it was nicely dried and well-textured overall.  Probably the best looking sample we’ve gotten from Green Belly yet.


Mostly a bit woody and earthy-tasting on the palate, the flavor from this strain was a bit disappointing after the super-distinct lime smell — there was a little it of lime flavor on the inhale, but it was overwhelmed by the woodiness.  However, the strain’s namesake became more clear on the aftertaste, with a distinctly sweet taste that made one reviewer think of Maraschino cherries.  The smoke was not expansive but had a bit of harshness to it and it burned away to a mottled light gray ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mental clarity, anti-depression, motivation, mild pain relief/masking, possible ocular relief, appetite stimulation.


Tied with the Velvet Haze, this is our favorite sample to date from Green Belly.  This fruity phenotype of the legendary AK-47 provided us with an amazingly Sativa-dominant experience that had us feeling motivated and energetic for hours.  It did have a slightly relaxing and pain/tension-relieving stage, but that was definitely in the background.  While it won’t “wow” most people with its appearance, if you are a Sativa lover, definitely give this strain a try the next time you’re out in the mountains near Boulder.

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