AK Cherry Lime (CAM)Review


Pale green with pinkish pistils and a spear-like structure, this sample had above average trichome coverage, but many were damaged and missing heads upon closer inspection.  Other than that, it was a very well cared-for sample that was cured and dry the way we like it.


Smooth citrus with almost vanilla and spice notes, reminded us of a lime creamsicle.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy and motivation flowed freely despite the mental spaciness at times.  As the experience wore on, it took on a more somatic and relaxing tone, but the body was relaxed the entire time.  The strong eye effects suggest that it may be useful for glaucoma, etc.


One of those strains that makes you enjoy even menial tasks and do them well, this AK was a welcome boost of energy and motivation as well as an improvement in mood.  This was also a strain that lived up to its name, truly delivering a sweet and citrusy experience that was totally enjoyable.  No warnings here, it was never too potent and never showed any negative effects — this one is good for any level of patient who enjoys a bit of energy in a Sativa.

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