Agent Orange (Alpine Herbal Wellness)Review


A nice solid bud structure, above average trichome count, but a bit too moist (not wet but not quite dry enough for top notch medicine).


A mild smoke, not harsh with a charred orange peel flavor.


A real strong starter, this one sent me on a spacey scatterbrained ride with a loss of mental and auditory focus.  A solid mix of Indica and Sativa.  I experienced a fun comfortable influx and outflow of pressure on my head (a sort of Wah Wah effect), followed by an energetic silliness and overall good feeling.  The second half was much different, scattered thoughts and forgetfulness remained but with a more somber and relaxed feeling taking prevalence.


From looks to smell the Agent Orange was one of the more impressive strains I have come across and I was very excited to review it.  I was impressed with the initial detached, uplifting feeling and even welcomed the Indica finish.  Most patients will want to have a more potent and longer lasting strain on hand for tough days, but this is a great mix it up strain with plenty of positive characteristics.

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