Afkansastan (Herbal Element)Review


Dark green with slight purple hues, nearly invisible brick red pistils.  Solid trichome count and large calyxes, with most of the trichs being cloudy or amber (late harvest).  Burned to dark gray ash, could have used better/longer flush possibly.


Similar to smell, berries that did not earth out like most sweet ones do, more like it hashed out slightly.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Pain inhibitor, muscle relaxer, depression, anxiety.  Temperature was not affected, systolic blood pressure remained level and diastolic only rose between 5-10 for an hour, but heart rate did skyrocket at least 15 BPS during the intitial 30-45 minutes across all reviewers.


Like a rollercoaster with a big first drop, this one was strong off the bat and then finished out much calmer.  We loved the mixed nature of the high, and it felt almost equal in terms of mental and physical effects.  The unexpectedly sweet and fruity taste and smell was a great addition to the effects.  I’d recommend this to almost anyone, as it was balanced and not too strong… and may be our new in-house favorite “easy indica”.

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