Afgooey (Green Dream Health Services)Review


We had samples made up of two different plants from the same batch, as one was lighter green than the other.  However, both samples showed off abundant trich coverage and average density for an Indica, with small amounts of peach-colored pistils.  It had an average manicure, it would’ve shined a bit more without some of the guard leaves, though they were frosty.


This strain yielded a complex and sophisticated sort of flavor, with a herby and slightly sweet frontal attack followed by notes of smoke, scotch, oak, and pine.  We’re not sure if we really liked it… it may be one of those acquired tastes.  The smoke was smooth though and not particularly expansive… good choice for those who don’t like to cough.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major relaxation (mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid, anti-anxiety, hypertension, mild pain relief, and ocular relief.


An unusually sweet and fruity Afghani, this sample of Afgooey had quite a lot of medicinal benefits for patients who seek relaxation, relief of mild aches and pains, and a somatic experience.  At higher dosages, it can be a bit overwhelming if you have things to do during the day… but at average dosages, it has a low “ceiling” and won’t completely knock you out.  For a night at home with little responsibility, you can’t go wrong with this strain — very solid representation of an Indica experience.

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