303 Kush (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This sample had a very Bubba-like appearance, as tends to happen with most Bubba Kush crosses, with hints of purple and dark gray-green colors and moderately large calyxes.  There was a decent amount of leaf matter interwoven into the sample, but it is more from genetics than due to the trim or anything along those lines.  We found no sign of tiny seeds or any other real grow flaws, but the harvest timing was perhaps a bit earlier than we would have liked, with hardly any amber trichomes spotted.


While it was nearly impossible to live up to the aroma, the taste did come close to matching it, though it lost some of the added post-grind complexity and was mostly Bubba in profile.  One of the great things about Bubba Kush is the “greasy” flavor which seems to coat the mouth and sinuses — this sample was no exception there, and we could taste it lingering for at least a half hour into the review.  The smoke had an interesting thin, mentholated quality to it and really didn’t give us the urge to cough at all, even on the later hits.  The final ash was a speckled light gray, showing a very good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major mood elevation, anti-anxiety, some energy increase to start, and muscle relaxation.


It’s always a pleasure to review a new strain, but especially ones that are created right here in Colorado by local growers — this 303 Kush is one of those, and it will eventually make a big splash on the scene in our estimation.  For lovers of Bubba Kush, this strain is a must-try, especially for the aroma and taste package, which is potent and reminds us of the best examples of that strain we’ve ever had.  The effect is a little more uplifting and active than Bubba traditionally is, but this 303 still had quality body relaxation properties that made the incredible mood wit put us in even more enjoyable.  Great job by the GDHS team sourcing and growing this cut, and we hope that it makes its way out to other shops, because we think that it’s pretty special.

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