Colorado Cough (CAM)

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Colorado Cough Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Colorado Alternative Medicine

Grade:  B+

Type:  80/20 Sativa-dominant hybrid,  (NL#5 x Haze #17) aka Ft. Collins Cough

Price: $20/gram ($50 mix-n-match 8ths)

Appearance:  Looked like old Cough from the later 90s.

Aroma:  A piney menthol scent.

Taste:  A woody pine flavor.

Buzz Type:  This one was quick starter going to my head right off the bat.  True to its name, it made me cough, not harsh, more of a tickle effect. Not one to “knock your socks off”, I found the power of this strain was in its ability to sustain.  Brought me to a nice steady level and stayed there.  Though sativa dominant, I felt right at home on the couch.  No real surge of energy as expected, actually went to lay down for a while after a couple of hours.

Buzz Length:  Medium.  1.5 – 2 hours but very solid.

Medicinal Use:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Would apply this one to more stress and anxiety relief with mild pain management.

Overall:  I like this one because I felt it stuck to the fundamentals. I have found that a lot of the popular strains have blast-off power but for the most part come with a steady descent.  The CoCough is the opposite for me, I didn’t give me a huge punch in the face but had a strong plateau.   I recommend this on for the once -a-dayers who come home, want to relax and leave it at that.  Its lingering effect is good for the long haul and would expect meds to last a while.

OG Kush (Colorado Alternative Medicine)

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OG Kush Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From: Colorado Alternative Medicine

Grade:  B

Type:  Hybrid.  Sativa dominant (Felt like 30-40% Indica to me).

Price: $20/gram ($50 mix-n-match)

Appearance:  Very crystally- big guard leaves, but still pretty.

Aroma:  I found a light citrus with a spicy (garlic type) hint.

Taste:  Some found lemon, others found only a tongue tingle.  I wanted to say piney, but knew it wasn’t quite the right description to match the taste in my mouth.

Buzz Type:  A rounded mix.  Euphoric, but under wraps.  External (hot face, energetic bursts) but also cerebral.

Buzz Length:  Long.  2 hours.  (Hour one is up, hour two was down).

Medicinal Use:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Most patients I’ve talked to get some pain relief and some muscle relaxation.  It did not give me a heightened appetite that I noticed at all.  I noticed a lot of pressure and focus in the eyes and sinus area.

Overall:  There are so many varying pieces of information on what OG stands for some say Ocean Grown is the true meaning (Original Gangster, Organic Grown, Orange Julius, etcetera).   Any way you cut it, people rave about the OG Kush.  Yet, I’m a fan but I’m not sold.  My wife noticed a social behavior or glitch that she wasn’t fond of (“I don’t think I like you to smoke that one…”) and I wasn’t sure I enjoyed the dichotemy of the buzz.  I remained functional however, and it lasted a solid two hours.

Coup de Grace (A20Labs)

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Coup de Grace Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From:  A20Labs

Grade:  A -

Type:  Hybrid.  Sativa Heavy (Blueberry x Shishkaberry x Maui x ?) A20/Dr. Blaze confirmed a 4th but I can’t remember what it is, maybe a Haze. It has an 80/20 Sativa to Indica ratio.

Price: Check their website above (They are cheap)

Appearance:  Beautiful.  In plain sight it appears extremely white/light yellow.  These pictures show that there really is a good amount of orange hair throughout.  This strain will become very noticeable as it progresses and I have a feeling some folks will believe they are dealing with a “white” strain.

Aroma: A nice, strong aroma.  While it was familiar I was unable to pick out the individual characteristics of the crosses, confirming this really is its own strain and positioned to grow.

Taste:  The taste got me as an earthy piney taste when I was expecting a more fruity experience.  Excellent expansion.

Buzz Type:  Energy based Sativa buzz.  Very easy to work and stay motivated, not so easy to watch a movie or relax.

Buzz Length:  Long.  2 + hours

Pain Management:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mixed.  It gave me medium relief that lasted a very long time, while I was with someone who had extreme leg pain and was unable to get their desired relief.

Overall:  This is a VERY interesting strain, one that I think has not quite reached its prime.  A20 has done a great job so far, simply seeing one of these buds will juice your thoughts.  It’s obvious they are on the right track, have picked an awesome combination of strains to cross, and most importantly, have a true medicinal focus for the outcome of the Coup de Grace.  In my very humble opinion, they just haven’t reached the finish line with this one (maybe a cross back to a blue for additional pain management?)

Synopsis:  Go try this one, now.  You’ll want to tell someone someday that you were part of A20/Dr. Blaze’s awesome expiriment that shaped Colorado strains for the two-thousand teens!

Golden Goat (Delta 9)

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Golden Goat Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Delta 9

Grade:  B

Type:  Hybrid.  Strong Sativa Dominance. (Hawaiian Sativa x ISS x Romulan)

Price:  $40/8th

Appearance:  Does possess a golden hue.  Dry buds, well taken care of.  Plenty of trichs and tendrils to enjoy.

Aroma:  Smells like Durban Poison mixed with lemon juice.

Taste:  A sharp taste when smoked, tingly with a brief pine needle on exhale.

Buzz Type:  Quick and strong while it lasts – mild paranoia.  Sativa high, heart rate increasing.

Buzz Length:  Short. 1 – 1.5 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Certainly for appetite creation.  Worked for neck pain, but it didn’t last long.

Overall:  I like the Golden Goat, strong sativa that would make it very difficult to sit and watch a movie, or sit period.  It could have lasted longer and not had such a peak and valley.  A nice smelling, euphoric strain that may be utilized for short powerful bursts.

Juliet #3 (Delta 9)

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From: Delta 9 (JLP’s Juliet)

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid (C99 femal x NYC Diesel male)

Price: $40/8th

Appearance:  Nice, not the prettiest but well manicured and dry.

Aroma:  Very pleasant following grind.  Familiar but not easy, maybe a sweet dried berry.

Taste: :  Still berry taste but more of a potpourri when smoked. Lasting after taste.

Buzz Type:  Energetic and talkative, could be motivated to get up and go, but also a perfect watch a movie strain. Comfortable in public.

Buzz Length: :  Medium. 1 – 1.5 hours with a half hour of lingering effect.  (Seemed to last longer when Vaporized?)

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) )  Would suggest to help with anxiety and antisocial ailments.  Some mild pain relief…or forgetting.

Overall:  Really like this specimen, and the name is fitting.  You can take her on any date you like – active, chatty, or movie.  Can’t ask for much more, except a longer buzz length.