Bubba Kush (Dr.Reefer)

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FromDr. Reefer

Grade:  B

Type:  Hybrid – Indica dominant genetics.  Don’t know Dr. Reefer’s exact genetics, but most info points to Bubble Gum  x Master Kush (or OG Kush).  Bubble Gum can be Indica or Sativa dominant based upon the specific seed or clone, but was originally made from 3 Sativas and 1 Afghani Indica.

Price:  $30/gram

Appearance:  Although it was really pretty, this category is one of the reasons this specimen didn’t score higher.  The buds were loose with a lot of space inside.  They were there but you could see right through them, like the AT&T 3G map.  They had beautiful color, but they just weren’t grown up to the highest standards.  Kush is often lighter and less dense, but this was past the norm in my opinion.

Aroma: A mild piney smell up front followed by a very light fruit undertone (not a strong fruit or citrus as often reported).

Taste: Tastes as expected from the smell, with an unexpected familar residue that reminded me of some old “cough” strains from FTC970 in the mid to late 90′s.

Buzz Type: Though Indica dominant, I was met with an immediate energy and euphoria that had me on my feet rocking back and forth in the kitchen.  There was no couch lock incentive at all, and I was extremely talkative.  I believe this strain has the sativa heavy version of the Bubble Gum in its roots.

Buzz Length: Medium. 1 – 1.5 hours

Pain Management: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  I found this strain to assist with mild-medium pain, but not sufficient for over the top pain.  It isn’t going to knock you out if that’s what you need.  It will provide motivation, however, and that is often useful depending on your needs.

Overall: I liked the Bubba Kush quite a bit.  With a little better growing I think this could have been an A- strain, but I don’t think the Bubba Kush in general can score much higher than that.  The OG Kush and the Plum Kush reviewed previously are both better options if you have them available.

Purple Urkle (Plants 4 Life)

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From: Plants 4 Life

Grade: C+

Type: Indica

Price: $20/g

Appearance:  It looks like Urkle to me having seen samples over the years.  Plenty of purple and solid hairing, beautiful mix of colors – reminded me of a lesser version of the Afro Berry from just looks.

Aroma:  This Urkle had the nice aroma you expect (more fake candy grape than real grape), but it was not as strong as I remember.  This was very dry and could have been an old sample, I’m not sure.

Taste: Nothing harsh, but missing the flavor people talk about with this strain.

Effects: This is an Indica, but it had an irregular effect for us. (We both reviewed this one twice because of the unexpected nature of it).

Duration: Medium. 1 – 1.5 hours

Pain Management: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  We both have muscle issues and I have spine/shoulder nerve pain as well.  This strain made me immediately tense and actually heightened my awareness of my muscle issues in my back and neck.  I had my wife drive me to get a massage about an hour after smoking and the car ride was unpleasant.

Overall: I was less than thrilled with this specimen and typically feel this strain is a solid B + variety.  If I saw this one again I would ensure the smell was very strong and hope it was indicative of a fresher/better specimen than this particular sample.

White Rhino (Grasshopper)

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White Rhino Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Grasshopper

Grade: B+

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid, (White Widow x Afghani)

Price: $20/g

Appearance: Small buds, denser than expected from first glance.  Plenty of “white” visualization around orange hairs.

Aroma: Pleasant smell – often found with lemon hints but I couldn’t pick them out in this specimen.

Taste: Again, often said to have lemon involved, but I got a much dirtier taste, nothing saying “fresh fruit”.  However, it is a very recognizable hashy/harsh flavor that will be appreciated by any experienced smoker.

Effects: Said to be a creeper, I found this strain to hit me pretty quickly in comparison with my attention to detail and sounds immediately heightened.  It was very cerebral and had me looking for a place to sit for the first 15-20 minutes. (Leads me to believe our sample was a little more Indica dominant).

Duration: Medium. 1-1.5 hours with a fairly steep let down (burn out).

Pain Management: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Most samples of the White Rhino have always helped with my muscle and spine pain and this one did as well.  Some other strains may last longer and be better for public facing situations.  This one can easily be “overdone”.

Overall: I like the White Rhino strain and I would certainly pick it up again.  I felt this sample had an interesting mix of up and down.  It provided a strong couch incentive at first which allowed me to manage my pain in a quick manner, but then gently lifted me up and gave me about 45-60 minutes of energy to get some home chores accomplished pain free.  The let down was stiff so not a great mid-day smoke in my opinion, better for a couple hours before bed.  This is not a strain I would recommend for a newly prescribed patient, but definitely for a seasoned smoker who knows they enjoy “white” varieties.

Afgooey (Delta 9)

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From: Delta 9

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (70% Maui Haze to 30% Afghani #1 is usual)

Price: $40/8th

Appearance: Small, dense.

Aroma: An earthy forest blend.

Taste: Quick, a burst of flavor on top of tongue upon exhale.  Couldn’t place it besides an earthy/nutty combo. Nothing strong or powerful at all.

Effects: A moderate indica buzz with a mixture of body and mind.  It seemed stronger when reflecting back than when you are in the moment (something I appreciate when managing pain with other people around).

Duration: Long – 2-3+hours

Pain Management:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  After a day of “chair work” my back was in bad shape, but this strain allowed me to stand in the kitchen and make dinner for my wife.  It lasted long enough for me to fall asleep pain free and comfortable.

Overall:  A very good specimen, giving real big expansion (one we like to say “gets in ya”) immediately upon inhale.  Certainly a goo variety sticking and gumming to anything you cut or grind with and giving a powerful kick in the pants that lasts forever.

DJ Shorts Blueberry (Delta 9)

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From: Delta 9

Grade: A+

Price: $40/ 8th

Appearance: Looks like blueberry to me, didn’t have a large bud to really compare but certainly a positively affirming image on this strain.

Aroma: Smelled like it really should, grinding is almost as pleasant as smoking with a strain like this. One of the absolute bests, hands down.

Taste: Tastes like any real blueberry should – some sweetness but not overkill citrus like so many fruity strains have.

Effects: Indica mostly – the lineage says 80% indica 20% sativa.  I would concur with the indica dominant buzz.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours (If it were the first consumption of the day it would likely last longer as this strain is known for a good length buzz).

Overall: Immediate strong high. Good enough to pick you up after a prior, lesser smoke has let you down. I love this one and it is one of my life long favorites.   A+ all the way around, and we don’t give those often!

UPDATE: I had a really bad “act up” in my mid-back yesterday, stabbing pain and loss of breath.  I couldn’t even stand up straight.  I went directly for this strain and it took complete care of me, it was literally what the doctor ordered.  It was early morning and this one didn’t overcome me, it let me get my day started.  I followed up with the NL#5 + Shanti two hours later and I was set again for a while.

UPDATE 9/2/2010:  We have opted to reclassify this one, as the review was performed by a single reviewer nearly a year ago rather than according to our now-standard methodology.  It received an A+ at the time, but the standards have since changed, so it has been re-classified.