Elevation (Tree of Life)

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Elevation Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From Tree of Life Alternative Medicine

Grade:  B+

Type:  Sativa-dominant Hybrid, in-house cross of Northern Lights #1 and a Haze

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8/10)  A long, slender sample, this strain showed its Sativa dominance in its structure and average density.   It was a pale green for the most part, but there were some extremely dark almost blue leaves visible as well (could’ve used a tighter manicure perhaps).  The harvest seemed pretty perfect, with a blend of all trich colors, but mostly cloudy.

Aroma:  (6/10)  This sample was a very subdued smell that consisted of fresh vegetation, pine, and a slight sweetness.  It smelled a bit “fresh” to us, indicating that it may not have had a long cure to really let the terpenes come out… the sample was well-dried, but just had that distinctive smell to it.

Taste: (7/10)  A faint-smelling strain rarely turns into a strong-tasting one, and this is no exception.  We mostly got standard smoke notes (often called “hashy”) along with more of the pine and slight sweetness that were present in the smell.  This was a rather smooth smoke and the ash was a very light gray, indicating a quality flush.

Effects:  They could call this strain “mood elevation” — it really makes you smile to begin with and gives the urge to laugh at almost anything.  Starting strong in the eyes and continuing that throughout the experience, this strain feels alternately light and heavy, fluctuating between a floaty head and a heavy body.  Despite the sometimes heavy feeling, tasks (both mental and physical) were never an issue, making this a solid choice for retaining productivity while medicated.  As it went on, it reduced itself down to a calm body and retained the mood elevation, making for a long lingering finish and a soft drop back to normalcy.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major mood elevation throughout, nicely functional, strong attention to the eyes/vision, relaxation, anti-anxiety, anti-depression.

Overall: The lack of taste and smell kind of hurt this one, which otherwise was a definitely above-average strain.  The mood elevation was instant and lasting, but the potency was never all that high, and leveled off to a very mild state after about 1.5 hours, which is shorter than we’d like.  However, the total duration including lingering eye effects was in the 3 hours area, so patients who medicate for ocular relief might find it more useful than others.  Not our favorite of the pack from Tree of Life, but still a quality hybrid experience that was bred in-house by their grower… so you won’t find it anywhere else!

Super Lemon Haze (Tree of Life)

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Super Lemon Haze Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Tree of Life

Grade:  A

Type:  Sativa-dominant Hybrid, (Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze) from Green House Seeds

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (9/10)  This sample was a beautiful tight nug with a medium green color and neon orange pistils.  A very tight manicure and copious trichome coverage completed the excellent appearance package.  The trichomes were also perfect, with some ambers but mostly cloudy heads.  The only knock was that we spotted a few tiny immature seeds.

Aroma:  (8.5/10)  Now this is a lemon strain — it reminds us of “Lemonheads” candy — a sweet/sour combination, but wholly lemon.  It wasn’t super-pungent, and that made us just want to smell it more.

Taste: (9/10)  Again, amazing lemon qualities here, with that same sweet and sour tang, this time rather pungent.  The Haze side is evident in the flowery aftertaste, but this one just screams lemon.  The other notable quality is that the smoke was one of the smoothest around… no inclination to cough at all.  It burned to a very light gray ash, indicating a great flush.

Effects:  A strong tingling feeling allover the body and up around the head/face, low and buzzy eyes, the “phantom hat” feeling started this one off — a potent Sativa ride to begin things.  With burning eyes, attention was fixed on one thing at a time, as other distractions fell by the wayside.  This seems like it would be a good creative strain for focus-oriented activities.  The body feelings subsides about 1.5 hours in, leaving the eye feeling behind as well as a strong appetite.  Calm and cool to finish, this was a standard Sativa up-then-down arc.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3+ hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Great focus and attentive mindset, appetite stimulation, body relaxation towards the end, and possible ocular relief.

Overall: We loved the “super” lemon qualities of this strain, one of the most lemony we’ve encountered for sure.  The ultra-smooth and enjoyable smoke just put it over the top, making this one a top recommendation for those patients who love taste and ease of smoking.  But beyond that, it provided a quality focus and a buzzing energy throughout the body, eventually subsiding to a mellow and relaxed state.  The long duration and above-average peak potency make this a no-brainer choice if it’s in stock at Tree of Life.  Superb strain and grow all-around.

Cinderella 99 x Black Domina (Tree of Life)

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Cinderella 99 x Black Domina Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromTree of Life

Grade:  A-

Type:  Hybrid (Cinderella 99 x Black Domina), this ‘cut’ seemed C-99/Sativa-dominant

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8.5/10)  Absolutely loaded with trichomes (especially the leaf surfaces, which looked white), this sample was an attractive medium strong green with standard orange pistils.  The predominance of cloudy trichomes made it look lighter to the naked eye than it really is.  It was a rather dense yet slender nug, and it had a little bit of give to it when squeezed rather than breaking apart.

Aroma:  (8/10)  Musky almost rotten fruit smell in the jar, but it changes a bit after the grind to a clearly pineapple-tinged scent, but one that was lacking the normal ‘bite’ that is associated with a Cinderella 99… in all though, very appealing and rather pungent.

Taste: (7/10)  An ethereal pineapple sweetness hangs at the back of the throat, but other than that, it’s mostly just hashy-tasting and not particularly pungent.  Though moderately expansive, it wasn’t harsh at all, but burned to a mottled gray and black ash, indicating it might’ve benefited from a more thorough flush.

Effects:  A very direct and focused energy to start, with quick, precise movement and a strong mind-body connection — there was a tendency to feel almost jittery, but that subsided after the first 15 minutes or so.  The divergent hybrid nature of this strain was felt immediately, with potent head effects and that lovely warm radiating Afghani body feeling paired throughout the experience.  A calm energy with a strong eye presence was the enduring effect of this strain — the Black Domina seems to really calm down the C-99 and keeps the edge off of it that makes many people nervous about C-99.  That influence grew stronger as it went on, making this one a bit of an up-then-down experience.

Duration:  Medium-Long, about 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  While it gave a strong energy boost at first, this strain was overall on the calming side, with mental and physical relaxation prevalent, relieving most muscle tension.  Strong mood elevation properties make this a good choice to pull yourself up after a tough day.

Overall: A great introduction to a C-99 for people who can’t handle the super rushy feelings it can sometimes give, this hybrid has a little bit of something for everyone.  The absolutely beautiful trich-laden appearance hinted at the potency that lay in wait, but not the complex interactions of Indica and Sativa going on at all times.  The strangely focused and quick movement paired with the calmed and warm body was pretty unique and thoroughly enjoyable.  This was a perfectly-grown sample that holds a ton of potential — if the taste can get dialed in a bit better, it will really be something.

Noggin (Tree of Life)

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Noggin Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromTree of Life

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid (Blueberry x NL #5 x Trainwreck x BOGBubble)

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8.5/10)  This was a very pretty sample that came caked with trichomes… the structure and nug shape was slender yet rather dense with just a little bit of give when handled.  The tricomes heads were mainly cloudy with some ambers, indicating attentive harvest timing.

Aroma:  (7.5/10)  It smelled a bit piney in the jar, but blew up into a pleasant lemony-fertilizer smell when handled… basically,  earthy-citrus.  It wasn’t particularly pungent until ground, and even then it was only above-average.

Taste: (7/10)  White it started with a slightly sweet lemony flavor, it tasted oddly of juniper and wood (hickory?) by the end and was moderately harsh.  The final ash was about an 8/10 on the cleanliness scale, with some dark gray remains.

Effects:  Exhilarating and rushy to start, the sweat immediately began beading on the forehead as the medication coursed through the face and eyes.  That stage passed fairly quickly and led to an even stranger very visual state that also came with some introspection and spacing out while just thinking.  During this state, one reviewer found a strange unconscious creative skill that helped take the effects to a more calming place throughout the rest of the duration.  A bit of a crash followed, and it gave us a “ready for bed” feeling to finish.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Hard to call, this one had very divergent effects — it was too rushy at first to be considered a relaxing experience (despite the relaxing finish), while the crash kind of takes it out of the energetic category.  Try it for yourself, basically– this one is on the unpredictable side and very powerful..

Overall:  A bit of a strange experience, we want to get more of this strain and see if it takes us to the same places mentally, as the visual nature and rapidly-changing experience of this strain left us a bit confused as to its uses and overall “idiom”.  The taste and smell were good enough while not exactly blowing us away, but the strongly Sativa then strongly Indica experience was something else entirely.  This one is for the more adventurous connoisseurs, who may really enjoy the roller coaster feelings it provides.

Oregon Grape (Tree of Life)

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Oregon Grape Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromTree of Life Alternative Medicine

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid (elite clone-only variety, AK-47 x White Widow)

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (7/10)  A pale and almost yellowish-looking sample, the yellow was made even more apparent by the appearance of many male flowers, indicating that the plant had “hermied” at some point during flowering.  Still though, it was frosty with trichs (about 15% ambered) and the different colors almost made it more attractive, hermies notwithstanding.  This sample was very sticky to the touch even though it was nicely dry and cured, always a positive sign of quality.

Aroma:  (10/10)  Absolutely the most uncanny grape smell we’ve encountered, this pungent and insanely sweet candy/Grape Kool-Aid powder scent is one of those that you’ll never forget when you smell it.  It develops a little extra “bite” when ground, but the sweetness and grape smell is still  totally overwhelming.

Taste: (9/10)  Extremely tasty almost all the way through the bowl, this strain pretty much matched its incredible smell with another candied grape package of deliciousness.  Though the taste wasn’t as pungent as the smell (what is?), we got hints of it even on the 2nd to last hit — the taste endurance was very impressive.  It’s a supremely expansive and thick smoke, but it was also very smooth.

Effects:  A very strong, almost disorienting Indica blast came on immediately after consumption, with a warming body that felt instantly relaxed and a heavily medicated feeling behind the eyes and throughout the torso.  Though it’s a bit tough to function at first, it produced big time mood elevation and a loose and pain-free body.  It was almost narcotic at times, but the eyes remained clear and wide open.  Overall, the mental side was warm, fuzzy, spacey, and relaxing — once it gave way, the return to sobriety was on the energetic side, especially compared to the deep relaxation it provided.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  This strain has many medical properties, but mostly it served to relax the body and mind, elevate the mood, and relieve minor aches and pains.  Later in the day, it would likely provide some sleep aid, and the strong presence behind the eyes suggests that it would help with glaucoma and other ocular issues.

Overall:  While the hermie “bananas” were disappointing to see on such a beautiful strain, it didn’t seem to noticeably affect the quality, as this sample was sticky to the touch, simply amazing in the smell and taste areas, and packed a potent combination of Indica-dom effects that worked great to relieve daily pains elevate the mood immediately.  We look forward to trying this strain again (hopefully without the hermie problem) to see if this extremely enjoyable experience can be further improved… if that’s the case, this might be an A+ contender…  The smell is really something else though, and may be worth a trip up to Nederland on its own.