Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5 (Mile High Medical)

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Skunk 1 x NL #5 Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Mile High Medical

Grade: B-

Type: Hybrid [Skunk leans to sativa side and Northern Lights is indica]

Price: $40/8th

Appearance: (5/10) This sample was a bit too whispy and extremely dry.  It didn’t look bad, just average for medicinal grade marijuana with a low trichome count.

Aroma: (6/10)  Earthy and fruity, some of the classic NL smells, but not the skunk we love.

Taste: (5/10)  It was very smooth and had average expansion, but the taste was very muted.  Woody, earthy, spicey.

Effects: Body high and medicinal effects are the dominant experience.  For 15 – 20 minutes it feels like this strain is working its way to the top, but you never end up reaching it.  The skunk sativa doesn’t present itself very well in tis combo and the come down is quite tiresome.

Duration: Short.  1 – 1.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Insomnia, muscle relaxation.

Overall: The reviewers unanimously felt that this strain should have lived up to its cross a little better.  Nobody really picked out the skunk in this cross, but everyone felt the heavy Indica effects and come down.  This wasn’t bad medication, it just wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Maui (Mile High Medical)

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Maui Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Mile High Medical

Grade:  B+

Type:  Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Price: $40 an 8th

Appearance:  A little too leafy, not very dense, but plenty dry.

Aroma:  Very sweet, strong aroma.

Taste:  A hint of the familiar spice, but this was less tasteful than you’d hope, very similar to the CAM Maui – both of which fall short of the taste at CCH.  Had some smokey/ash taste, though the bowl did knock out quite easily after smoking.

Buzz Type:  This Maui hit me pretty hard right away, forced me to recline and stretch out the length of my body for the first 5 minutes.  Following this period I was able to sit straight up but my feet were very heavy and fuzzy (they felt larger than what they are) and completely cemented to the floor.  It was actually hard to concentrate on anything else but my feet for a few minutes.  About 15 minutes into this strain I was overcome with muscle anxiety where it seemed like my brain was not working in harmony with my muscular extremeties.  This gave way to the familiar sativa energy buzz and I was up and about on my feet feeling very nice and happy for the remainder of the buzz (included short term memory impairment and sporadic focus).

Buzz Length: Medium.  1.5 - 2 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   This wasn’t great for my neck/nerve issues for the initial 15 minute period as it caused some tension and muscluar agitation, but it did provide the mind enough distraction to forget about the pain during the rest of the buzz.  I didn’t receive the appetite inducement I expected after reviewing the CCH Maui.

Overall:  While this Maui scores the same overall grade as the CAM Maui, I would likely pick up the CAM first.  Neither are as good or as strong as the CCH specimen we received, however.  I like a good sativa and this isn’t one I would pass over, but the combination of the leafy airy buds, the lack of overall taste, and this sample’s First 15 Minute Effect, it just isn’t one of my favorites.

Colorado Crunchberry (Mile High Medical Dispensary)

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Crunch Berry Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Mile High Medical

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid Indica Dominant

Price: $45/8th

Appearance:  Multi colored green, purple, and orange (very pretty)

Aroma: Pleasing sweet berries and pine

Taste:  Sweet pine

Buzz Type:  A major delay with this med, for the first ten minutes I was wondering if any effect was going to occur at all. Then a nice strong indica feeling became quite prevalent putting me on the couch mid-day yet not completely overrun. A few times I felt compelled to stand up and move around but found those feelings short lived, finding my seat a better match. Left a little drained afterwards.

Buzz Length:  Medium. 2 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   Find this one to be ideal for hypertension and insomnia while possessing effective pain management.

Overall:  One of the more beautiful looking and smelling specimens I have seen is defiantly one to check out. A great one to relax when all daily responsibilities are completed.