Krystal Chunk (Lotus)

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Krystal Chunk Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Lotus

Grade:  B+

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid

Price: Varies by patient

Appearance:  (6/10) Uneventful - good mixture of density, dryness, and bag appeal.

Aroma: (6/10) A piney sweet and musky aroma.

Taste:  (7/10) Sweet with a kushy taste.

Medicine Type:  A fast starter that went a straight to my head giving it an over inflated feeling with strong attention to my eyes.  A very narcotic floaty strain with an analytical tone accompanied by heightened visual awareness.

Medicine Length:  Long. 2- 2 ½ hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   Very good with hypertension and pain, and felt it had some depression fighting aspects as well.  Influx and outflow of visual pressure.

Overall:  A wonderful strain that possessed brute strength without leading me through a frenzy of mental distress.  An overall happy, somewhat trippy, experience.

Orange Krush (Lotus)

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Orange Krush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Lotus

Grade:  B+

Type:  Hybrid, California Orange x Blueberry

Price:  Varies per patient

Appearance:  (7/10) Very nice for dryness, not buying water but not stale and old. Solid density and nice trich count over lime green flowers.

Aroma:  (7/10) Emits a sour citrus, a bit of a chemical scent, not a fresh fruit citrus.

Taste:  (6/10) An earthy creamy orange, pleasant but sort of dirty in the mouth.

Medicine Type:  A longwinded, solid power.  There is no euphoria or paranoia, just comfort and stability.  Combines both head and body aspects and medicates like a balanced sativa.

Medicine Length:  Long. 2 hours

Medicine Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mild pain relief, very good anxiety and stress relief.  Warm comforting body and mind allow for behavioral or mental issues to be addressed.

Overall:  Though this strain did not send me out of this world I found the Orange Krush to be very enjoyable. The linear waveless effect was one of strong pull and reliability leaving all options available  from daily activity to sitting down to enjoying a movie.

Ingrid (Lotus)

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Ingrid Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Lotus

Grade:  B+

Type:  Indica (Celtic Stone F1)

Price: Varies Per Patient

Appearance:  Very keefy, medium colored nugs.  It is fairly dense, but dries out quickly when left in an open container.

Aroma:  Faint sweet berry citrus.

Taste: A mix of Hash and sweet holiday spice.

Buzz Type:  A strain with decent initial strength and a deceitful burst of short-lived energy.    This was followed by a lazy wave with the body buzz to go with it.

Buzz Length: Medium.  1.5 - 2 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)   This is a good muscle relaxer, find very appropriate for a sleep aid and hypertension.

Overall:  I medicated with the Ingrid during a late afternoon and had to pretty much call it a day.  The body relaxes to the point where getting up for some water feels like a task.  Very stoney and lazy high that can induce couchlock.  A great pain relieving medicine with a real kick.