OG Kush #18 (Green Faith Ministry)

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OG Kush #18 Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Rev. B. Baker/GreenFaith Ministries

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid  [A selected OG Kush feminized to produce seed stock, from DNA Genetics]

Price: Negotiable/Call to Ask

Appearance: (8/10)  Seriously frosty popcorn-style buds that appear almost yellow due to the thick layers of mostly clear/cloudy trichomes that cover all surfaces.  It could’ve had a slightly better manicure towards the bottom, but the leaves that were left on are so frosty that it isn’t an issue.  Above-average density and a perfect dryness level made this a well-textured sample that burned great and seemed to leave a ‘breadcrub trail’ of kief wherever it traveled.

Aroma: (8.5/10)  DNA Genetics’ website says that they chose this OG because she was more sour than usual, and they didn’t lie.  This reminded us of a particularly sour-smelling Diesel strain more than a Kush simply because it was so citrusy and sour smell-wise.  It has some of the pungent chemical, fuel, and skunk elements you’d expect in a ChemDawg, which are most present pre-grind… but once it’s disturbed, the lemony sour scent comes out in a big way and dominates.

Taste: (8/10)  Like the scent, the taste was extremely sour, with a strong hit of lemon zest and some of the fuel and skunk tastes.  The aftertaste carried the fuel and skunk much more than the sourness and lingered for quite a while on the palate after exhale.  Though it was above-average expansion-wise, it was perfectly smooth and didn’t make us cough… a rather pleasurable experience overall.

Effects: The initial effect felt was a pulsing body high that was also present in the head, which felt a bit wobbly and heavy on the neck.  It was also felt strongly in the sinuses, which felt almost swollen without being unpleasant amounts of pressure.  A bit of head-spinning feeling at the onset, which increased until its peak at about 20 minutes, culminating in a very strong pulsing feeling all over the body.  There was some heart-racing, and one reviewer reported hearing/feeling his heart thumping throughout his torso.  A bit of ‘headband’ feeling, with a constrictive tightness around the crown of the head… interestingly enough, some auditory distortions similar to the Headband from A Cut Above were noticed as well.  It calmed down about an hour in, leaving a relaxed body and a less-racey feeling while moving more into the eyes than at first.

Duration: Medium, 2 – 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, anti-depression, muscle tension relief, possible headache/ocular relief, appetite stimulation, mood elevation.

Overall: A great-tasting and smelling sample that reminded us more of a nice citrusy Diesel than a Kush, this strain was top-notch aside from its relatively short duration.  Especially after packing such a punch at first, it was sort of disappointing to be back to normal after only about 2 hours.  However, the finish was clean and relaxing, with no Sativa ‘crash’ or other negative effects.  A stinging potency that really took our reviewers by surprise initially gave way to a more relaxing and all-purpose body feeling that would be nice for almost any patient.  This strain isn’t for the faint of heart at first, but it rounded out to provide a good amount of energy, mood elevation, and relief from muscle tension.  It was well-handled and grown naturally, resulting in a deliciously citrus-tinged Kush experience.

Violator Kush (Green Faith Ministry)

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Violator Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Rev. B. Baker/GreenFaith Ministries

Grade:  A-

Type:  Indica-Dominant Hybrid, cross of Kindu Kush and Malana from Barney’s Farm Seeds

Price:  Negotiable

Appearance:  (8/10)  Beautifully frosty, this Violator Kush was a pale-looking minty green with sparse light orange pistils and some nice purpling happening in areas.  The manicure wasn’t great, but the sugary leaves didn’t harm the smoking experience at all.  The trichomes were about 15% ambered, with the rest being mainly cloudy… pretty much the perfect harvest time.  Aside from the manicure, the only knock was the density, which was just average.

Aroma:  (8/10)  The Violator was fairly pungent overall, but it really got special when squeezed.  The initial smell was a cirtusy herby mix with some of that slightly putrid “poo” smell that we’ve picked up on a few strains recently.  The smell when ground was pretty exceptional, producing an acrid citrus smell that was very pleasing.  No traditional “Kush” smell to be seen here though.

Taste: (6/10)  Though the taste itself was good enough (just a vaguely citrusy taste with a little acrid bite), it gets docked here because it went downhill somewhat quickly, with only the first 2 hits really having any discernible flavor.  It also wasn’t that pungent flavor-wise, with those first two hits even being a little hard to taste.  However, its expansive smoke and lack of harshness scored well and the bowl burned to a very light gray, indicating a quality flush.  It was pleasurable, just nothing to write home about flavor-wise.

Effects:  The initial effects of this strain were balanced, with a strong effect behind the eyes as well as a buzzing body sensation.  That dual nature continued throughout the experience, as mental and physical relaxation seems inevitable with this strain.  The effects seems to depend a bit on the time of day/mental state of the patient as well, as an 11:00 PM session ended in a review in a slumbering heap while a daytime session left them medicated yet functional and not sleepy.  In any case, it’s a great all-around experience with a deeply relaxed and slightly numb body, an elevated mood (accompanied by a good amount of mental spaciness), and very capable pain-relieving attributes.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, body pain/tension relief, mood elevation, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, sleep aid, possible relief for ocular issues.

Overall:  While this strain didn’t seem to possess many stereotypical Kush qualities in taste or smell, it certainly possessed that Hindu Kush total body and mind relaxation as well as its pain relieving qualities.  The smell was very nice, as was the look, but the real reason it got an A- is the litany of calming and soothing effects we experienced.  Its ability to handle just about any ache or pain thrown at it is nothing to balk at, and its late-night sleep-inducing properties are welcome as well.  Another quality selection from the folks up at GreenFaith Ministries…

Super Lemon Haze (Green Faith Ministry)

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Super Lemon Haze Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromRev. B. Baker/GreenFaith Ministries

Grade:  A-

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid [Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze from Green House Seeds]

Price:  Negotiable

Appearance:  (9/10)  One of the prettiest samples under a microscope we could hope for, this strain was absolutely loaded with tall and pristine trichomes that were mostly clear and cloudy.  It was a pale green overall with some purple striping on leaf veins and some calyxes to go along with deep orange hairs.  It wasn’t particularly dense but was very nicely dry and so covered in trichs that it flung them all over the place when cut with scissors or handled.

Aroma:  (6/10)  Though the scent wasn’t particularly pungent (especially after grinding, which was odd), it carried a lovely citrusy smell that had a slight sweetness and a flowery quality.  After sitting undisturbed for a while, the jar smelled of lemon zest, but that didn’t come out as strongly with the actual sample.  If it had been a more assertive scent, it would’ve gotten higher marks here… the smell was a bit hard to pick up at times.

Taste: (8/10)  It lived up to its name and produced a strongly lemony taste that also carried a vegetal/herby component that reminded one reviewer of celery.  That taste wasn’t prevalent though and it was mostly slightly-acrid lemony goodness.  The smoke was definitely expansive, but it was also extremely smooth and didn’t make us cough much at all.  The bowl burned away to a perfect white ash, indicating a quality flush pre-harvest.

Effects:  This strain hit hard right to the eyes, with a buzzing energy appearing all throughout the body and head.  It made us a bit restless, wanting to get up and walk around even while doing something sedentary like watching TV.  The head feeling was somewhat hard to place, but was basically swirling around all throughout the head, with a major concentration in the eyes.  It was very energetic and slightly spacey, almost like drinking a bit too much coffee and not knowing where to direct all the energy.  There were almost no Indica traits felt with this one, as it was purely energetic and buzzy throughout the experience, finishing clean as we returned to sober state.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Motivation, energy, anti-depression, mood elevation, possible ocular relief.

Overall:  Not for patients who can’t handle or don’t like the energetic and buzzy Sativas, this racy Haze didn’t leave us feeling cloudy mentally like many Hazes, but the busy and somewhat unfocused energy almost served to have the same affect.  It was a great daytime choice for those who don’t mind feeling almost jittery with energy and have things to do.  It’s really spectacular-looking and tasted just like you’d expect from the lineage, adding up to great “bag appeal”.  It didn’t really provide much pain relief or body high properties, so it’s best-suited towards alleviating mental issues such as lack of motivation or depression.  Nice summertime and outdoorsy meds!