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(all samples pictured above are from Denver Relief)


General Information

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  Chem’s Sister x Sour Diesel

Geographic Origin:  Colorado, USA

Seed Company/Clone:  Clone only, extremely limited availability

Description:  This rare Diesel-Chem hybrid lives up to its lineage with a hair-curling aroma and an effect which nearly matches the smell in potency.  Though it is a Sativa-dominant variety, it has the tendency at higher dosages to live up to its strain name, giving the user an extremely relaxed, almost narcotic feeling to go along with all the cerebral effects the Diesel and Chem family are known for.


Story:  Found by a grower named “ToneDawg”, this strain is simply a stellar bagseed.  The cut was passed onto one of the owners at Denver Relief, and it’s since become one of their signature varieties.  As far as we’re aware, this particular cut is not available for sale in any other dispensary… at least not under this same strain name.


Growing Information

Flowering Time:  70 days

Preferred Growing Conditions:  Given the genetics, expect a stretch with this cut.  Like most varieties with wide internodal spacing, it’s advisable to net or otherwise train the plants so they are not so lanky.

Patient Expectations

Appearance:  Lots of bracts vs. leaf coverage on this one, and it has the very dark green leaves and signature pink salmon-colored stigmas of the Sour Diesel side of the lineage, while also occasionally purpling up on the fringes by finish like the Chem’s Sister.  The plant gets somewhat tall but will produce a solid yield when let finish through 70 days.  The trichome coverage of this variety again mirrors the parents — it’s one of the frostier plants you’ll come across in dried nug form.  Most nugs tend to have a fairly loose structure, similar to the Sour Diesel, with tiny dark leaves interspersed with stacking bracts which look almost grey due to the density of trichomes.

Scent:  The complex and pungent bouquet the Dopium offers is certainly Diesel-dominant, with that sharp chemical-fuel-rubber element which so many connoisseurs seek out taking the forefront and practically assaulting the senses.  However, there are some interesting floral and spice notes present which differentiate this cut from other Chem-Diesel hybrids and seem to influence the flavor as well.

Flavor:  Less outright acrid than the aroma, the flavor still has strong notes of chemical pine and hickory smoke.  The floral side of things lingers in the aftertaste makes it more palatable for those patients who love Diesel type effects but cannot handle the “Chem breath” flavor it often leaves behind… this is a lower key, more measured Chem-Diesel experience.  The smoke is rather expansive without being harsh when well-grown.

Effects:  Immediately heady and cerebral, it normally gives a burst of energy and mental activity early on, filling the user with a desire to laugh and talk.  At higher dosages, it can get a little spacey and cause occasional lapses in concentration, but the good mood and overall energy boost seems to mostly smooth over that aspect of things.  Along with the energy, there is a strong face and eye presence which at times gives the “headband” feeling of constriction.  The elevated state of being only lasts for about the first 45 minutes or so, when the timbre of the experience changes to a more sedentary, relaxing one as the strain shifts gears into its decline of effects.

As it whittles away, the effect becomes more narcotic and relaxing, giving a bit of the classic Sativa “crash” which can send a previously excitable user to bed by the 2nd hour.  The “up then down” style of the experience can be mitigated by a smaller dosage, repeated over shorter duration — this will keep the “up” side rolling and stave off the sleepy side of the effects.  Overall, Dopium is something we’d call an early evening strain, great for some socializing and fun before a relaxing finish… it aids with energy, appetite, and mood early on, then muscle relaxation, anti-anxiety, and sleep aid properties complete the experience.


Dopium – Denver Relief – October 2010

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