Super Silver Haze x ChemDawg – Sour #7 (Cherry Creek High Expectations)

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Super Silver Haze x ChemDawg [Sour #7 Phenotype] Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Cherry Creek High Expectations

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid sativa dominant [Sour #7 Phenotype]

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (10/10) Super frosty lightish green with slightly darker leaves, some purpling on calyxes and leaves, not very visible to the naked eye though.  Some yellow tips on the remaining tiny leaves, orange-brown pistils.  For me, this was one of the most beautiful samples I’ve had to date: gigantic tall undamaged trichs everywhere, nice mix of colors, and amazing pictures.  The harvest was maybe a bit early, but I’m not the grower and perhaps the clear trichomes are the desired effect.

Aroma:  (9/10) Nicely pungent blend of fuel, skunk, lemon, and nicely acrid Haze.  You can really notice the Chem influence this time compared to the sweet pheno, with this one being preferred overall by the review panel.

Taste:  (9/10) The flavors reported back include peach skin, fruity, chemical pine, and acrid.  A bit hashy mid-bowl, but excellent flavor overall.  Burned to light gray, almost white.

Effects:  Definitely a Haze, you can feel that familiar cloud settling in around your head.  Big time eyes high but not the usual feeling, more like a buzzing and what feels to me like a lack of pressure.  Very relaxed to start off in comparison to Sweet #9.  Positive and laughy, a little slow mentally but enjoyably so.  Not much of a body high feeling, mostly just very relaxed.  The eyes high has turned a little more towards the tired side 45 mins in.  Some ‘timewarp’ happening, time was flying…  Somewhat non-descript as it went on, just nicely relaxed both physically and mentally, with an enduring eye/sinus high that stayed into the 3rd hour.

Duration:  Long.  Almost 3 hours.

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  A little more analgesic properties than the Sweet #9, possible relief from ocular pressure, depression, general relaxation, and light tension.

Overall:  Although both the Sweet and Sour phenotypes received A grades, it was unanimous that all reviewers would choose Sour #7 if given their druthers.  It wasn’t that it was a distinct uptick in quality, more of some very subtle differences (like a leather package in your favorite car).  It was just a slight bit more potent, had a slightly less harsh taste, provided a bit more pain killer, and just looked perfect in every facet.  Very nice strain!

Super Silver Haze x ChemDawg – Sweet #9 (Cherry Creek High Expectations)

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SSH x ChemDawg [Sweet #9 Pheno] Medicinal Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Cherry Creek High Expectations

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid Sativa dominant [Sweet #9 Phenotype]

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance: (9/10) Absolutely beautiful specimen, loaded with beautifully-timed trichs that are nearly undamaged, solid manicure, nice variety of colors staying mostly in the green family with a camoflauge pattern.  The flowers were dry and fairly dense.  We did find one seed in the sample, small/undeveloped.

Aroma:  (9/10) Amazing smell, has a bit of sharpness that came out after the grind, similar t0o a very good Trainwreck with a little more sweetness (also reminds of Pure’s Stevie Wonder).  This is in the citrus, fruity family of scents when broken open.

Taste:  (8/10) While there were conflicting reviews on the level of harshness and appeal of the taste, everyone concurred on the big expansion and plentiful Haze flavor.  It possesses earth (pine/grass) and citrus (sour/sweet) tones and burned to a nearly perfect white ash.

Effects:  Right off you feel a heavy, vibrating feeling over the head,with tearing & swelling of the eyes.  For the first couple minutes I was finding comfort in taking deep filling breaths, this is a real takeover feeling.  The experience was dominated by the Haze, as the typical ChemDawg clear mind was never present, always a but hazey.  The major focus is a strong cerebral high that was characterized as spacey, jittery, energetic, trippy, and unfocused.  The latter part of the effects became more body focused, not strong, but a general pulsing typical of indicas.

Duration:  Long. Almost 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Conflicting reviews as to efficacy of pain, one finding total aversion for specific pains and another finding no relief for a spasm induced episode in the back.  Mood enhancement and energy were agreed upon across the panel.  Temperature remained constant, but heart rate rose at least 20 BPS for first 15-20 minutes and diastolic rose an easy 10 across the board.  Both returned to normal or lower levels by the 3rd hour.

Overall:  The Sweet #9 is an interesting strain in that it clearly isn’t a normal SSH experience, but when asked to pick out the ChemDawg properties specifically the list gets real short.  Most people felt the hazey mental pieces with only one picking out the ChemDawg clarity as a nice attribute.  It was a very fun experience for all, with a focus on creativity, music and similar associations.

Pineapple Hash Wreck (C.C. High Expectations)

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Pineapple Hashwreck Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: C.C. High Expectations

Grade:  A-

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid, Pineapple Trek (Pineapple Express x Trainwreck) x Hashplant

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8/10) The color and structure of these flowers are superb.  Lime green leaves look almost white from crystals (not fuzzy hairs), and the dark red hairs stand out beautifully against the pale leaves.

Aroma: (6/10)  Has a pleasantly sweet aroma, soft pineapple.  A complex smell of tropical fruits and pine, but not very pungent.

Taste:  (7/10)  A little harsh with big expansion, the Pineapple Hashwreck isn’t exploding with flavor but still has pleasant undertones of fruit.   It has the initial taste of bubblegum and peach with a cedar like after-taste.

Effects:  Initial effect is a rising headiness with a clearly felt energy and inspirational lift.  The medicine then progresses to a body sensation of up and down waves about 15-20 minutes in, showing off the hybrid characteristics.  The remainder of the duration was pretty clean with a typical indica body effect that seemed to last forever and some mild psychadelic aspects.

Duration:  Long. 2.5 – 3+ hours.

Medicinal Use:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Even though this medicine has some sativa effects, it didn’t leave us feeling paranoid or anxious.  It delivers a functional experience, and relievs moderate aches and pains for a really long time.  The PHW has some very good muscle relaxer qualities and leaves an appetite on the comedown.

Overall:  This strain has magnificent traits and is a very unique smoking experience that lasts longer than much of what we find today.  The complex aroma and jar appeal really make this strain a popular choice with almost any bud connoisseur.  The Pineapple Hash Wreck is a great combination of strains, and really shows off its best traits from each of the highly prized genetics.  This is a flower that can be used to medicate anytime of the day.

NYC Diesel (Cherry Creek High Expectations)

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NYC Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:   Cherry Creek High Expectations

Grade:  A-

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Price:  $50

Appearance:  A nice spade/strawberry shaped bud with long orange hairs.  It was very beautiful, crystal white inside with very high trichome count.  Once broken open it looked like vanilla cake crumbles – so pretty.

Aroma:  A sweet cleaner scent, familiar diesel with a high pungence.

Taste:  Possessed typical diesel taste, slight hashy aftertaste.  It did not match the smell on a pungency level.  Very nice expansion.

Effects:  Immediate head high.  While I was able to clearly and precisely communicate verbally I was unable to coherently write or read anything requiring focus and analysis directly after smoking.  Thirty minutes into the buzz I was able to apply reasoning and analysis again, this carried through the rest of the high along with a heightened energy and motivation level.

Duration:  Medium-Long.  2 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Good for energy and motivaton levels, could provide some euphoria for the depressed psyche, and provides some pain forgetfulness.

Overall:  This specimen of NYCD is very nice.  It gives enough of an initial power punch to allow a patient to feel they got their money worth, but isn’t so overbearing it dictates the next few hours of your life like this NYCD.  This will be a pleasant and appreciated experience for many patients, while others will undoubtedly prefer the “all-out” variety.