SAGE Wax (The Herbal Cure)

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Name:  SAGE Wax

From:  The Herbal Cure

Type:  Butane-extracted hash oil, made from 100% in-house SAGE (Sativa-dominant hybrid), in a wax consistency

Price:  $50/gram

Grade:  A-

Consumption Method:  Sheldon Black Bubbler and dome nail set, TI vapor swing via bubbler

Visual: (8.75/10)  This wax had a gorgeous bright golden yellow coloration and was composed mainly of small chunks and flakes rather than a cohesive mass.  To the naked eye, this was one of the prettier wax samples we’ve seen color-wise, but when we zoomed in on it with the camera and microscope, we found a large amount of small blue hairs which appeared to be from some sort of fabric — it was seen throughout the sample and we are unclear why.  Disregarding that, this was a absolutely great-looking sample, though we didn’t like the texture quite as much as some other waxes because it was somewhat difficult to stick to a dabber (we had to scoop it most of the time).

Aroma: (6/10)  There just wasn’t a ton of aroma with this one — a vague sense of the “trichome smell” that is present in most extracts was detected, but otherwise we struggled to pick anything up.  This sample was not nearly as pungent as some butane-extracted samples we’ve had, but not bad-smelling either.

Flavor: (8.5/10)  This extract had an oddly culinary flavor, which one reviewer pegged as “nori”, the seaweed that’s wrapped around sushi rolls.  Other reviewers noted how smooth the extract was overall, and that it left a herby, slightly mentholated aftertaste hanging in the mouth.  Overall this one wasn’t incredibly pungent, but it was unique and did bring to mind the herby/Hazy S.A.G.E. which went into it.  The smoke was rather thin and easy on the throat, feeling almost like a hit a quarter o the size — this is a good extract for those who don’t want to worry about coughing much.

Consumption:  On both swing/nail devices, this extract vanished almost immediately, leaving behind nothing on the surface and making no noise other than the “woosh” of the extract disappearing.  It was clearly pure and was one of the easier-to-inhale BHO extractions we’ve come across lately — great job by the extraction artist.

Effects:  Despite the Sativa-heavy lineage of the strain that went into this extract, this one was more relaxing than invigorating.  A rush of effect throughout the limbs and torso started things off, and the eyes also felt warm and buzzy — but that buzzy quality did not translate to the mood, which almost immediately ticked down a notch (not in a bad way, just a more calm and slightly dazed demeanor).  We were able to work and function for the most part, but felt a bit mentally cloudy at times, drifting off in thought and occasionally losing focus on the task at hand.  However, it served to calm our minds overall and kept us in a relaxed, worry-free state through most of the duration, petering out over the 2nd hour.  This extract was very heady and facial, with not much body relaxation to speak of — definitely more suitable for patients medicating for mental reasons more than physical ones.

Duration:  2 hours medicinal-level potency, 2.5 – 3 hours overall duration

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular attention (possibly glaucoma benefits), mood stabilization, anti-anxiety properties, and moderate appetite stimulation

Overall:  This extract had beautiful color and texture, with a uniformity in both regards that we rarely see in BHO.  We weren’t blown away by the flavor, but the smoking experience was so smooth and enjoyable that the light flavor and nearly non-existent aroma didn’t stick out as flaws.  It appeared to have been purged very well and we saw no signs of residual solvent — it was very clean and pure-feeling on the throat.  The effects were surprisingly sedate for such a Sativa-dominant strain, and even for BHO in general.  Still, it was enjoyable and allowed us to function during the day while serving to even the mood and keep things flowing on an even keel.

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    January 14, 2012 at 5:30 am |

    SAGE wax?! Looks fantastic! $50 a gram is too damn high, tho. Understandable that there’s no flavor, since the purer THC gets, the less it can be tasted.

    How about analysis of THC percentage. I’ve had Blue Dot wax that tested at 85.76%. Post some numbers with the products, huh?

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