OG Kush (Verde Wellness Center)

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OG Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Verde Wellness Center

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid, not sure which OG ‘cut’ this particular sample is

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (7.25/10)  This sample looked almost brown from a distance, with its yellowish-green cast and orange pistils — it appears to have been cured for quite some time, as the nugs had lost much of their distinctness.  The biggest nug was rather odd-shaped, and that carried into the macro level, where the mostly cloudy trichomes seemed mutated and fused at times.  This sample was mostly attractive to those who know what they’re looking for — good harvest timing and a long cure was evident.

Aroma: (8/10)  This OG was mostly piney and spicy (think sandalwood), without even a hint of the citrus that is often found in Kushes.  There was a slightly creamy quality to it that brought to mind eucalyptus as well.  We enjoyed the pungency and it made us look forward to the rest of the review.

Taste: (7.75/10)  Very much like the smell, it was a package of spicy and piney flavors, but also present was a strong earthiness that reminded us of expensive soil.  The flavor seemed most evident on the exhale and aftertaste, but it was fairly pungent overall.  The smoke got harsher and tasted worse towards the end but wasn’t particularly harsh — the expansion was average.  The remaining medium-light gray ash showed a quality flush.

Effects: All of our reviewers felt a very heavy forehead presence with this OG almost immediately — the frontal part of the head and face were very pressurized.  With low, red eyes, and a spacey mind state, the initial effects were certainly Sativa in nature.  2/3rds of our staff felt that it was rather functional in terms of overall energy and mental clarity — though it would make us daydream a bit, we could snap ourselves out of it easily enough.  One reviewer was more “crushed”, but we all did gravitate towards the couch rather than mobile activity.  As it went on, the spaciness let up a bit and it was smooth, relaxing, and functional.

Duration: Medium-long, about 2.5 hours (sharp decline in effect at approximately 2 hours)

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Ocular relief (glaucoma, etc.), mood elevation, mild pain relief, and possible migraine relief (lots of pressure cycling in the head/face/eyes).

Overall: This was a bit of a divisive OG Kush for our staff, with one member really liking it and another thinking it was below average for the strain.  The summation is somewhere in the middle — essentially, it was very potent but dropped off sharply at 1.5 – 2 hours, leaving us entirely by 3 hours.  The medical uses were varied but none really stuck out as “the one”, making this more of a recreational experience for our staff.  Patients who appreciate a very long cure and samples that are dense/dry would like this one a lot, while those seeking bright colors and distinct trichomes will be disappointed.  This particular OG is recommended for afternoon/early evening use, as it serves to wake you up with head games initially, then drop you into a relaxed functionality after that.

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