Happy Taffy (Twiced-Baked)

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Product Name:  Happy Taffy

From:   Twiced-Baked

Price:  Around $8 (varies according to MMC)

Type:   Candy (taffy)

Dosage:  3 candies per package = 1 dosage (~14 g total wt.)

Visual (7/10):  Wrapped in plain wax paper, the look of these taffies made them seem homemade, like something that came from a seaside saltwater taffy vendor or from your grandma’s kitchen.  The exterior package was a simple plastic + stapled cardboard enclosure arrangement that made the candies visible and attractive to the eye thanks to the professional-looking printing.  The ingredients were clearly labeled and the presentation overall was well-done.  The package was easy to get into, but perhaps a tighter seal (maybe vacuum sealing) might have helped to keep the texture “fresher” if they end up sitting on the shelf for a while.  The candies themselves were attractive as well, with bright colors (flavors vary by package) that made them appear appetizing, and they had a professional candymaker sheen on the outside rather than a chalky look.

Aroma: (8/10)  Our staff found the taffy to be very nice-smelling — fruity and smelling as they should for each specific flavor.  The medicine was nearly undetectable in the smell.

Taste: (7.75/10)  Like the smell, there was almost no detectable marijuana taste in these candies — they were very sweet as expected, carrying fairly tart fruit flavors that made our mouths water like Starbursts do, with hints of vanilla in some flavors (the blue one especially).  The main knock on them was that they were rather hard — it required either some sort of external heating (one reviewer had it sitting in front of a space heater) or simply leaving it in your mouth for a minute or two to soften it up.  Once it softened, the texture was just fine and was similar to Laffy Taffy.  Perhaps a very fresh batch would not be hard like that, but ours was.

Effect:  We had a bit of a different reaction from the two reviewers that tried this taffy — one (female reviewer) got a somewhat strong effect that made her feel outwardly social and affected her eyes/temple area rather heavily.  Overall it seemed to be a slight stress reliever that put her in a good mood.  Our other reviewer (male) got more of a base sedative experience where he was noticeably relaxed and slightly lazy-feeling — however, there wasn’t much of a noticeable physical effect on his head or body.

Medical Uses:  One reviewer reported some relief with a headache as well as noticeable eye effects and mood enhancement, while the other reviewer got mostly stress relief and some leanings toward sleep aid as it wore on.

Overall:  It was difficult to review these taffies because there was no information offered about what strains were used in their manufacture.  Without knowing that, it could be that there are different strains in each flavor or each package of taffy — there’s really no indication either way.  It’s entirely possible that our female reviewer got a Sativa-heavy package and our male reviewer ended up with an Indica-dominant one… impossible to tell.  Overall though, we thought that the potency could’ve been much better, especially because it required eating 3 somewhat large pieces of taffy, which might be too much sugar for many people.  Because of that, we’d suggest that the manufacturer start making a single-piece dosage that is equal to three of these candies for people who don’t wish to eat so much sugar in one sitting.

These taffies are recommended mostly for patients with a lower tolerance who don’t really like the taste of MMJ in their edibles, as they weren’t very potent overall and would likely disappoint heavy users expecting strong body effects.  We would really like to know what strains go into any given edible… that seems to be a fairly major oversight in edible manufacture, given that the strains can shape the experience in major ways.  Refining/increasing the dosage on these and being more clear about what strains (or hash/tincture) are used would go a long way to improve the overall product in our opinion.  The FSL cannabinoid analysis showed that not many cannabinoids made it into an active state (happens according to the plant’s harvest time, curing method, and later, heating during the extraction and candy-making processes)… even the inactive THC was only 0.42 mg between the 3 pieces of candy tested.  Still, they were rather tasty, presented in a professional manner, and we enjoyed eating them.

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Comments (2)

  • Frank
    May 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm |

    I have had a tafffy more reciently fronm this company and i have to say the differance from a couuple months ago is amazing. the affect was a lot stronger/longer. helped with pain relief and the taste has also seemed to improve i suggest trying it again and doinhg another updated review or even with ther gummys or hard candies great products seem to come from this company

  • rlp
    May 24, 2011 at 4:01 am |

    Good to hear. In general, it seems as if the quality and consistency is going up across the board with edibles and other infused products, not to mention the dosages are climbing. It’s a good time to be an edibles patient in Colorado — lots of quality choices these days!

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