Durban Poison (Green Dream Health Services)

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Durban Poison Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Green Dream Health Services

Grade: A-

Type: Sativa, landrace South African variety (see the strain page for Durban Poison for more info)

Price: $50/8th

Appearance: (7/10)  This Durban wasn’t particularly frosty and seemed to have more leaf matter than most.  It was pretty standard-looking, with a blend of greens and orange pistils — it was fairly average density for a Sativa as well.  Though not as attractive as some Durbans, there still wasn’t much to complain about overall — it appeared well-grown and didn’t have tiny seeds or other stress.

Aroma: (8.75/10)  This Durban seemed to have a bit more of a spicy and musky quality than most of them do, especially pre-grind.  Once it was ground up, it released the tangy-sweet anise/lemon candy aroma we normally expect in the strain.

Taste: (6.75/10)  We were a bit disappointed with the taste — it had a base sweetness but lacked a lot of the normal Durban flavor, with only a bit of herby anise twang to go with an overall smoky flavor.  The final ash was pretty clean-looking, so the flush wasn’t to blame for the lack of taste… perhaps the cure?

Effects: A buzzing energetic presence building throughout the body started things off, getting almost racy at times due to the overall energy level.  Forehead, throat, and eye pressure combined with a relaxed spaciness mentally made it feel rather strong to start, making us a bit forgetful at times.  Once the initial potency cleared up, this Durban felt like a great workplace type of strain, clear-headed mentally, no physical signs (“stealth”), and a smooth energy backing it all up.  The eyes seemed to burn a bit as it hit the 1.5 hour mark, and as it wound down, it had us feeling a little tired even though we were mentally aware.

Duration: Medium-Long, about 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Very good for migraines and headaches, energy, ocular attention, and minor pain relief (pinched nerves in neck).

Overall: While we missed the taste and look of some of our favorite Durbans in this sample, the smell and effects packages were right on.  Durbans are great because they’re never overwhelming or racy for too long and always seem to even out to a focused energy that comes along with mood elevation and a relaxed, capable body.  Great daytime and morning meds that will last for a fairly long time at medicinal levels, fading out evenly and not leaving you totally drained.  Suitable for any level of patient seeking an energetic Sativa experience.

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