Super Lemon Haze (CURE Dispensary)

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Super Lemon Haze Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: CURE Dispensary

Grade: A-

Type: Soil-grown Sativa-dominant hybrid, Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk

Price: $50/8th + tax

Appearance: (7.5/10)  This was a darker-colored Super Lemon Haze overall, with patches of purple that may indicate some cold nights in the grow mixed in with a variety of greens, pale orange pistils, and a moderate covering of trichomes.  The trichomes themselves were nicely ambered all over the nugs, indicating a patient and well-timed harvest.  The real knock we found on this one was the manicure, which was definitely sub-par — several yellowed leaves and other non-frosty guard leaves were left on, knocking the appearance down a peg.

Aroma: (8.75/10)  We were very impressed by the smell after not expecting much based on the appearance.  This was a true SLH, with a sweet Lemonheads candy type of smell with hints of strawberries and that lovely flowery Haze element.  A well-grown Super Lemon Haze is among our staff’s favorite smell/flavor packages, and this one is up there, especially since it was so pungent.

Taste: (8.25/10)  Almost exactly like the smell, the taste was that of sweet candy lemons — it had a flowery and ethereal attack, went lemon-heavy i nthe mouth, and then back to flowery and smooth on the exhale.  It wasn’t the most enduring flavor (faded out after 3 hits or so), but what was there was pretty top-notch and exactly what we expect form a Super Lemon Haze.  The smoke was easy to consume and not harsh or expansive, while the final ash was a fluffy light gray, indicating a very solid flush.

Effects: A creeping head/eye/face pressure built over the initial 10 minutes, finally going full-on about 15 minutes into the experience.  A fairly strong spaced-out feeling was present early on, but seemed to fade as the real effects of the med came on, instead replaced by a single-point focus that felt very functional.  A boost in creativity, sociability, and overall mood formed the main aspects of this strain’s effects — it felt very functional and never overwhelming.  The potency overall was average, but part of it was clearly due to how “clean” the effects were.

Duration: Medium, 2 – 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, focus, creativity, strong ocular attention, mood elevation, headache relief, and appetite stimulation.

Overall: This wasn’t the absolute best Super Lemon Haze we’ve had, but it was in the top echelon thanks in large part to its great flavor/smell and the mild, yet majorly Sativa effects package that left us feeling ready for basically anything the world can throw at us.  We recommend this as a morning/daytime med because it won’t leave you in a daze and actually seemed to enhance focus and creativity once the initial potency wore off.  It would definitely need a boost in the “woah” factor (especially appearance and potency) to get up into the A/A+ range, but the potential is there.  Recommended for all levels of patients, this smooth med didn’t give us any unexpected surprises.

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