Nevil’s Wreck

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General Information

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  Arcata Trainwreck (original “E32″ cut) x Nevil’s Haze (Northern Lights #5 x Haze A) x Haze C

Geographic Origin:  Bred in Colorado by Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness — Trainwreck is from California, while Nevil’s Haze was created in Amsterdam

Seed Company/Clone: Not released, clone only — the Nevil’s Haze male in this cross came from Mr. Nice Seedbank

Description: Here’s the info from the man himself:

“Flowering times range from 65 days to 115.  The quick finisher is a heavy blend of the two strains.  The longer flowering ones are most Nevil’s Haze dominant.  My personal favorite pheno of this strain is the #12 female nicknamed the “Krumholtz Haze”.  Krumhotlz is the low scrubby twisted vegetation found just above treeline before the alpine tundra — it is a piney, whorled twisted land of tiny trees and alpine flowers.  #12 earned the nick.  The heavy head feeling pheno you describe is the #14 aka Chunk’s Haze.  Grows best in Hydro applications, gets BIG and yeilds heavy for a Sativa.”


Story: Created by Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness in Longmont, CO


Growing Information

Flowering Time: Though some quicker-finishing phenotypes are available (starting around 65 days), the real “headstash” phenos are the late-flowering ones, which are incredibly Hazy and about as pure of a Sativa experience as one can get… those can reach up to 115 days.

Preferred Growing Medium: Grows extremely well in hydro and finishes out as a big producer for such a highly Sativa plant.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Flowers and spice with a bite to it

Flavor: Amazing flowery Haze taste with some pine elements

Effects: Uplifting and highly energetic, this is a strain that makes you want to be active and be outside in nature.  One of the phenotypes has a somewhat strong Indica-like mental effect that makes the energy slightly less useful, but the rest tend to be almost entirely Sativa in effect.


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