Mixed Budder (iVita Wellness)

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Name:  House Mixed Budder

From:  iVita Wellness (extraction by Top Shelf Extracts, who work out of iVita Wellness)

Type:  Butane hash extraction, in “budder” form

Price:  $45/g

Grade:  A-

Consumption Method:  Various methods, including TI vapor swing via bubbler, triple-screened glass pipe, and titanium nail via bong

Visual: (8.5/10)  This sample had the “lunar surface” look that we’ve seen from some Top Shelf Extracts products in the past, where the butane bubbles purging out leave behind perfect circular tunnels all over the surface.  The luminous yellow-gold color was immediately attractive, and upon closer inspection, there were no signs of any particulates or foreign matter.  Texture-wise, this one was simple to ‘slice’ with a dabber and stuck on the end of most implements rather easily, making it easier to apply than many flakier extracts.

Aroma: (6.75/10)  This sample had a somewhat pungent aroma, but it wasn’t all that enjoyable, smelling vaguely chemical and mostly just hashy.  We didn’t pick up any hints of any specific strain, and overall it was just okay — not our favorite aroma-wise.

Flavor: (7.25/10)  Our trend of not being terribly impressed with the flavor and aroma of mixed strain concentrates continues here, with the fairly indistinct flavor this one provided.  One reviewer picked up some almost minty, fresh notes — but otherwise, the staff didn’t really seem to enjoy it much and basically said it tasted “hashy”.  The smoke was expansive but smooth, only causing coughing on larger dabs.

Consumption:  This extract disappeared almost immediately on the nail and swing, flashing away within a second and leaving behind nothing visible.  In the triple-screened pipe, it bubbled with large golden-clear domes and eventually disappeared.

Effects:  Unlike many recent BHO samples we’ve come across, this one had more of an Indica effect, serving to knock us off our feet for the most part, as well as keep the mind a little slower and more distracted than usual.  A blast of pressure to the eyes and face started things off, but didn’t seem to last long, being overtaken by a buzzing warmth throughout the lower body and torso.  While it was clear-headed at times, we felt most content sitting passively and absorbing the world rather than engaging it much.  This one seemed most appropriate for a night spent at home relaxing, as it finished a little on the heavy side, making it easy to fall asleep after the main effects passed.

Duration:  2.5 hours medicinal-level potency, 3+ hours overall duration

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Muscle relaxation, appetite stimulation, ocular effects, mental relaxation, anti-anxiety, and sleep aid

Overall:  This extract didn’t have the most pleasing flavor or smell, due largely in part to being made from a mix of strains rather than only one.  However, the effects that came from the mix seemed to fill the niche of rather sedative BHO, which seems increasingly rare on the market.  normally we get a very cerebral and heady experience, but this one had rather direct body effects and definitely kept us sitting and relaxed.  We loved the color and the lack of particulates we observed with this sample, and it showed all the signs of being well-purged and clean.  This isn’t our favorite product from Top Shelf Extracts, but it fills a needed niche medically and would earn a spot in the rotation for patients who require strong evening relief for muscle pain and (eventually) sleep.

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