Lavender Haze (The Pearl Co.)

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Lavender Haze Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  The Pearl Co. (also available at Cherry Co. and Tea Pot Lounge)

Grade:  A-

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Lineage:  Blue Dream variant (DJ Short’s Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze)

Price:  $40/8th

Appearance:  (8.5/10)  This sample had a crisp, well-cured texture and dense structure to it, which we appreciated as soon as we saw it.  The coloration was mostly medium greens, but on the underside of buds, there were some deep purple calyxes and leaves which served to spice up the appearance.  We loved the trichome coverage on this one — though they were mostly of the smalll-headed variety, there were trichomes everywhere, and the majority were well-preserved and on the peak of ripeness.  We would’ve liked to see a few sugar leaves trimmed off and the immature seeds present throughout the sample (the most common grow flaw in our experience) also hurt the overall score, though didn’t harm the “bag appeal” really.

Aroma:  (9/10)  If you like a floral-spicy Haze type of aroma, this strain has that in spades.  The name really makes sense once a whiff of the scent is detected, as it is ripe with flowery qualities and does bring to mind actual lavender.  It’s like the Blueberry side of the family took a vacation and left the Haze at home to play, though there is a slight sweetness (some described it as “purple, but not grapey”) underlying the Haze elements.  It’s not the most pungent sample around, but it’s definitely noticeable in the jar, and becomes nicely pungent once broken apart.

Taste: (7.5/10)  The flowery, almost soapy Haze elements from the aroma came through strongly in the flavor, though it wasn’t quite as pleasing to our tastes as it was in aroma form for whatever reason.  It has a light sweetness to it, but it was mostly present on the initial inhale, changing quickly to the more floral flavor that remained until the aftertaste.  The smoke was light and crisp in the mouth, hitting smoothly and not really causing coughing except on some large hits.  The final ash was a fluffy medium-light gray, showing it had received a proper flush.

Effects:  This strain is somewhat unique in that it seemed to come on as more of an Indica to start, relaxing us and knocking us down a peg slightly, then transitioning into a more uplifting and Hazy effect after about 30 minutes.  We felt that this one put us in a meditative state where we could function and work, but it carried a bit of signature Haze spaciness that had us walking around in circles at times, enjoying some of the psychoactivity it offered.  The smooth effects peaked around 45 minutes, then gradually declined from there, lingering out to over 3 hours for most of our staff.

Duration:  2 hours medicinal-level potency, 3+ hours overall duration

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Muscle relaxation, anti-anxiety, migraines, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and digestive aid.

Overall:  This strain fit very well into our daytime routines and pleased us with its distinctly floral elements which were present in both the aroma and flavor.  We appreciated the cure and overall texture quite a bit, and it seemed to help the aroma stay present whether it was ground or sitting in the jar.  The combination of relaxation and mental uplift this strain offers had us feeling positive but smoothly relaxed for upwards of 3 hours, making this a great strain to medicate with mid-day and feel relief until early evening.  Definitely check out this one if you want a smooth Sativa that doesn’t come with any real side effects or negatives.

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  • December 17, 2012 at 10:00 am |

    I have always had good times when I go into the pink house never left unhappy or disappointed they always have good stuff for sale.

  • February 18, 2013 at 1:44 pm |

    This stuff is no joke had me laughing and couch locked at the same time. highly recommend!!

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