Ingrid Hash Oil (The Releaf Center)

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Name: Ingrid Hash Oil

From: The Releaf Center

Type: Decarboxylated hash oil (90% solid at room temperature), butane extraction

Price: $60/gram + tax

**This sample was from late August and these test results have expired… check with The Releaf Center for new results**

Consumption Method:  Essential vaporizer w/new vial + butane torch

This particular extraction was rather unique-looking, and we placed it somewhere between a glass and a standard hash oil extraction, as it stayed about 90% solid at room temperature and could be creased and marked with a fingernail.  However, it didn’t leave any residue on the fingers, indicating that it was well-dried.  The overall look reminded us of Jurassic Park-style amber (minus the prehistoric mosquito), with some air bubbles visible and a very glossy, see-through sheen.

Our expert rated the Ingrid oil an 8.5 in appearance due to the clarity and about an 8 in smell, as it definitely carried the scent of the marijuana it was extracted from (Ingrid, a very potent Indica-dominant hashplant-like strain).  A rather potent sample, it melted immediately when heat was applied and had a strong effect in the neck and chest area as well as a sharp increase in heart rate.  Our expert felt that this extraction was about a 9/10 in overall potency for its type, placing it in the highest bracket of overall potency, which the Full Spectrum results seemed to agree with.

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  • Mads
    November 30, 2012 at 3:03 am |

    I was wondering if you could tell me how you managed to get your oil that thick.

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