Grape Ape (Karmaceuticals)

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Grape Ape Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Karmaceuticals

Grade: A-

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid, Afghani x Skunk #1 (from Apothecary  Genetics, though it’s clone-only)

Price: $43/8th + tax

Appearance: (8.5/10)  This one was mostly special for its great structure, lack of flaws, and ridiculous density.  It isn’t the pure purple phenotype of Grape Ape, but rather a very deep green, with purple accents and neon orange pistils.  The trichome coverage was above average, though it didn’t really look that way until you get real close to it — the harvest timing seemed good as well, with plenty of amber and golden trich heads.

Aroma: (8.5/10)  A bit unusual for a Grape Ape, this one smelled almost Kush-like, with a sharp and nearly acrid aroma that had elements of the typical purple scent, but was way heavier than normal.  A bit of sweetness came out once it settled a bit post-grind, but definitely no grape scent (not a bad thing in this case).

Taste: (7.5/10)  The sweetness that was hinted at with the smell came out a bit more in the taste, while the other flavors (and the pungency overall) seemed to decline quite a bit.  Musky on the attack, flowery and slightly sweet on the exhale…  The final ash was a little on the dark side, so a longer flush may have been needed — but overall, it was rather smooth and that wasn’t noticed in the smoking experience except perhaps in the taste degradation, which happened quickly.

Effects: This was a rather heavy-feeling Grape Ape — it came on strong with some forehead pressure, and a pervading warm, buzzy feeling all throughout the body and the eyes.  There were bouts of spacing out early on, and they’d rear their head again later in the experience, when it took an even heavier turn.  It went from semi-functional to couchlock and intense relaxation at about the 45 minute mark, making us feel a little zombie-like and unresponsive to social interaction.  It seemed to clear up as the potency lifted and didn’t necessarily make us want to sleep afterward.

Duration: Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong relaxation qualities, anti-anxiety, tension/body pain relief, and sleep aid at higher dosages.

Overall: This was a bit of an unusual Grape Ape in that it was so sharp, musky, and reminiscent of its Afghani parentage.  That sharpness and the strain’s Indica roots showed plainly in the effects package, which was very heavy and relaxing.  The grow team did a great job with this one, as there were no real flaws to speak of, with superb structure, density, and plenty of trichomes.  This particular Grape Ape is recommended for patients seeking deep relaxation… though it’s strong, you can limit your dosage if you don’t want such a heavy experience.

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  • The Taster
    October 28, 2010 at 2:49 am |

    I have bought 5 different strains from Karmaceuticals and all but one i rate a 4 and the other a 6 Skunk #1
    Had a sweet stinky smell, but the buds were loosely grown crumble easy and was not sticky like most skunks are.
    There (Super Skunk0 looked good in the buds. They were packed tight but the buds smelled like freshly mowed lawn. And there was no stickiness and it taste earthy/dirt taste. So it only gets a 4 stars
    (Hog) a strain that smelled a little stinky the taste was week and the medical effect was short lived.
    (Chocolope) burned fast and taste earthy and did not burn in a joint with out going out often. Effects were tired and drugged out.
    Plat Kush
    Burned fast, had a woody taste and smell. Medical effect was minimal.

    I say go and see for yourself if this dispensary is not growing right.
    I will bet everybody will find out what i found out. And if you do find a good strain there please post it.

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