Amber Glass (The Releaf Center)

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Name: Amber Glass

From: The Releaf Center

Type: Glass hash – the shop was told that it was a Nitrogen extraction, but our expert believed it to be butane

Price: $30/gram + tax

**This sample was from late August and these test results have expired… check with The Releaf Center for new results**

Consumption Method: Essential Vaporizer w/fresh vial + butane torch

This sample was very interesting to us when we first saw it in the shop – the shop jar looked like a sample of beach sand with some amber-colored crystalline “rocks” on top of it.  Intrigued, we then saw heat applied to the “sand”, turning it back into the crystalline form (and then vice-versa by crumbling it).  The appearance of the glass pieces of the sample was like a dark-colored beer bottle — though you can see through the thinner areas of the structure, the thick areas were dark enough that light struggled to make it through.  Glass extractions are preferable at times to other extraction methods because they store very well over long periods of time, are more durable, and much easier to handle than the softer extractions such as earwax and peanut butter.

Our expert rated the hash an 8.5 in appearance and an 8 in smell based on his experience with other glass-style extractions.  As heat was applied, the glass immediately melted down and created a very expansive smoke.  The effects came on immediately, seeming to focus mostly on the head and neck area.  The fall in potency was almost as quick as the onset, making this on the shorter end duration-wise.   The overall potency was judged to be average, never feeling overwhelming, but still certainly getting your attention in its early stages.

Also worth noting is that the above test results were before Full Spectrum included CBC (Cannabichromene) numbers in their reporting, so that information isn’t displayed above.  This sample was re-tested due to very high presence of CBC, the extent of which is not known by us at this point.  The Releaf Center can likely provide additional info on this finding as well as the extraction process.

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