Purple Super Silver Lights (Boulder MMC)

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Purple Super Silver Lights Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From:  Boulder Medical Marijuana Center (BMMC)

Grade:  A-

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid

Lineage:  Northern Lights #5 x Super Silver Haze (though it’s called “Purple Super Silver Lights”, there is no Purple lineage involved, it was simply a phenotype which had the coloration

Price:  $45/8th

See the full report here: https://secure.fullspectrumlabs.com/report/1105383

Appearance:  (7.75/10)  At the surface level, this sample was rather colorful and attractive to the eye, with its jutting pumpkin orange pistils and speckled green and purple coloration.  The trichome coverage was pretty high, but when we got close on it, many of them were broken apart or otherwise mutated, with about 60% left undamaged.  We liked the structure and feel of the nugs though, as they had a proper amount of give while still being dense and well-cured.  We saw evidence of a hermie flower and some tiny seeds scattered about, which (along with the somewhat shaggy trim) served to hurt the overall package despite its outward attractiveness.

Aroma:  (8.5/10) The crisp, clean, fresh-smelling aroma that this strain produced definitely brought to mind both of the parents, as well as other strains such as Colorado Cough, Snowcap, and other NL #5/Haze variants.  It almost tingles the nose with a mentholated flowery sweetness, getting quite a bit more pungent when it’s broken apart.

Taste: (8/10)  The flavor was almost exactly like the aroma, which is normally a good sign in our minds.  Clean and smooth, it was a little sweet going in and left behind a flowery, mentholated aftertaste which left the mouth feeling fresh and the lungs breathing easy.  The fluffy light gray and white ash left behind was further evidence of the proper flush, dry, and cure that this sample appeared to have received.

Effects:  The initial effects of this one were Sativa in nature for the majority of our staff, serving to wake up our minds a bit and just provide a little jolt to the system due to the potency.  We also got some early facial effects (specifically in the jaw and eye areas, strangely enough) and an immediate mood elevation, which had use feeling functional and content.  After the first 30-45 minutes, the experience took a heavy turn for one of our reviewers, where he was almost falling asleep on the couch mid-evening (a rarity), due in large part to the at times heavy eye effects, which made them feel sunken, heavy, and a little dry.  The other reviewers didn’t get to the point of falling asleep, but it did start feeling heavier in general, providing quite a bit of relaxation, both mentally and physically.  For an Indica-dominant hybrid, the end of this one felt suspiciously similar to the “crash” that one often feels at the end of a high-octane Sativa experience, leaving us a bit drained and tired, but still mentally positive and happy.

Duration:  1.5 – 2 hours medicinal-level potency, 2.5 – 3+ hours total duration

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular effects throughout the experience, mood elevation, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxation, moderate pain relief (had a numbing quality to it), and sleep aid at higher dosages/later in the duration.

Overall:  We’ve seen this strain previously looking in better condition, and we’re suspicious that this one was simply a bit older than we normally get, having been cured for a while and maybe jangled around in a jar a bit.  The missing trichome heads in spots and the other (fairly minor) grow flaws knocked this one down a peg overall, but the effects as well as the aroma/flavor package redeemed it for the most part.  We appreciated how smooth the whole experience felt, from the pleasantly cool and mentholated smoke to the steadiness of the mood elevation and ocular effects.  This one fits somewhere in the functional daytime Indica category at lower dosages, but creeps into the nighttime Indica category when the dosage is stepped up, and especially without remedication, as the end of the experience was fairly tiring for our staff.

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