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General Information

Type:  Hybrid

Genetics:  Blueberry x Northern Lights #5 x Trainwreck x BOGBubble

Geographic Origin:  Colorado, USA

Seed Company/Clone: Clone only

Description: A veritable melting pot of genetic lines, this hybrid is as unpredictable as its lineage would indicate.  When finished, it produces dense spear-shaped nugs that glimmer with trichomes and bright orange pistils.




Growing Information

Flowering Time:

Preferred Growing Medium:

Patient Expectations

Scent: Giving off a not particularly noticeable piney scent in the container, it turns into a lovely lemony-fertilizer burst of freshness when broken into.

Flavor: Some lightly sweet lemon blends with oddly spicy juniper

Effects: The effects of this strain are hard to pin down despite it being rather potent.  It starts out with a racy set of Sativa effects that brings to mind the Trainwreck part of its lineage — a racing heart, some perspiration, and lots of facial ad ocular pressure cycling.  Once that introductory state passed, it was a uniquely visual and cerebral experience, lending itself to solitary creative situations more than social ones.  To finish it often comes with a fairly heavy crash, leaving the user lethargic, heavy-eyed, and ready for bed.


Noggin – Tree of Life – July 2010

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