Maui Wowie (The Releaf Center)

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Maui Wowie Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: The Releaf Center

Grade: A-

Type: Hawaiian Sativa

Price: $50/8th + tax

Appearance: (8.5/10)  A healthy medium green with big, fat calxyes and bright orange pistils, this Maui shimmered with double-decker cloudy (with maybe 10% ambered) trichomes.  Very Sativa structure, with foxtailing and an overall light build — it was well cared-for post-harvest and arrived dry and manicured very  completely.

Aroma: (7.5/10)  A bit piney, a bit earthy, but with a unique spicy smell that reminded us of fennel or even holiday spices.  It wasn’t very pungent until it was ground up… very nice Maui nonetheless.

Taste: (7/10)  Much like the smell, a pine taste was the dominant note, but there was also some lemon and a slight sweetness.  It was expansive yet very smooth on the throat, and it burned down to a light gray ash, meaning the flush was very good.

Effects: The back of the head began to feel heavy, but the eyes and forehead filled with pressure and a buzzing sensation, with the eyes in particular being heavily medicated to the point that they almost felt blurry.  A very potent start for this strain, it took us to a state where the head effects were nearly overwhelming, sending one reviewer off for a nap.  Overall though, it was energetic in an even and non-rushy way, and felt capable mentally after the initial potency retreated.  It also lightened the mood quite a bit, making us talkative and positive mentally.  Very clean finish, it faded out without notice, lingering in the eyes for quite some time.

Duration: Medium-Long, about 2.5 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, very strong ocular attention, mood elevation, body relaxation, and minor pain relief.

Overall: This may be the best Maui Wowie we’ve had the pleasure of trying, and it was certainly the most Sativa-looking.  Very potent initially, it receded to an evenly energetic and clear-headed state but retained very strong eye effects throughout.  It really shined when put under the camera lens, giving us a new appreciation for Maui in general.  It’s an A-, but a very high one… this may be the maximum potential for a Maui.

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Comments (4)

  • mauilover
    September 20, 2010 at 3:32 pm |

    Looks like a heat stressed Maui. In my experience with my Maui cut, It does the same thing if its a little too hot, bring down the temp and you’ll get better structure, less fox-tailing. I have not noticed significant impact on quality when she is too hot but have noticed a compromise on yield and usually takes a week longer. Of coarse I can only speak of my Maui and although similar, no way to tell if its the same. LOOKS GOOD!!

  • rlp
    September 20, 2010 at 3:38 pm |

    Yeah, especially since “Maui” and “Maui Wowie/Waui/Wowi” are such nebulous strains that can be anything traced back to Hawaiian genetics at this point in the game. “Yeah, the grower’s brother’s roommate knew a guy from Maui and got this cut from him, so it’s a Maui!”

    Thanks for the info on growing Maui — I’m sure the readers working with those cuts appreciate it!

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