Mars OG Kush

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General Information

Type:  Hybrid

Genetics:  Unknown member of the OG Kush family, possibly a cross

Geographic Origin:  California, USA

Seed Company/Clone: Clone only

Description: Whether it was simply an OG Kush bagseed “S1″ or a cross of some kind is unknown, but Mars OG Kush delivers a strong hybrid experience and the patented soil-citrus flavor.


Story: A line of so-called “planetary Kushes” arose from California’s medical scene in the early 2000′s, selling for rather obscene prices, up to $125/8th at times.  Mars is thought to be named after its large groves of dusty red-colored pistils.


Growing Information

Flowering Time: About 9 weeks

Preferred Growing Medium:

Patient Expectations

Scent: Expensive soil — that loamy and slightly spicy Kush (vs. a citrusy, sharp one)

Flavor: Soil-heavy with a peppery/woody aftertaste

Effects: A strong starter, Mars G Kush starts with strong Sativa effects, filling the head up with pressure and making the heart race a bit.  Once that initial state passes, it turns into a more relaxing yet capable experience like most Kush strains are known for.


Mars OG Kush – The Breck Loft – April 2010

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