Lemon Syn 70u Solventless Wax (The Cherry Co.)

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Name:  Lemon Syn 70u Solventless Wax

From:  The Cherry Co. (also available at their sister shops Pearl Co and Tea Pot Lounge)

Type:  Water and ice extracted hash filtered by 70-micron screen, made from a blend of Cinderella 99 and a Florida cut of New York City Diesel

Price:  $40/gram

Grade:  A-

Consumption Method:  Various, titanium screen in glass pipe/bong/bubbler, and “dabbed” onto a titanium skillet via bubbler

Visual: (8.75/10)  This unique-looking hash sample lived up to its moniker of “wax”, looking more like candle wax than anything smokeable.  The matte texture of the medium-light brown coloration is unlike many of the other water hash samples we’ve gotten from Essential Extracts, which often have a shiny “shell”.  Upon close inspection, it was remarkably clean and free of particulates aside from a few random black dots spotted here and there in the photos.  It was easy to handle and not particularly delicate, but it was somewhat difficult to dab unless the implement is hot and melts into the hash a bit — a scooper works better than a poker.

Aroma: (9.25/10)  We were immediately taken with the aroma of this hash, which is among the best we’ve seen from the extraction company.  The pungent floral aroma had an extremely strong citrus element, bringing to mind grapefruits, lemons, and rosewater.  When broken apart or smashed between the fingers, it leaves a wonderful-smelling residue which is almost more pungent than the entire shop jar full of hash — simply put, this one smells incredible and is something to experience for hash-lovers.

Flavor: (8.25/10)  The aroma was particularly noteworthy in this case, and the flavor just didn’t quite live up to expectations, except when it was basically vaporized to a light degree.  A lighter held an inch away and a steady inhale will produce a wonderful flavor which mirrors the scent almost exactly.  The change in flavor that occurs when this hash is “dabbed” and allowed to sit on the skillet compared to a soft vaporization/bubble is unfortunate, as it appears that the latter part of the hit would override the initial flavor in the mouth.  We advise a ginger dabbing method with this one to get the best flavor — swirl it around and then pull out the black residue remaining before it actually burns.  We did some coughing on larger hits, with some residual throat-clearing to go along with it — but compared to some hash, it was very smooth (especially on a soft first hit, which is top-notch).

Consumption:  This hash bubbled readily when soft heat was applied, producing a lot of smaller bubbles and continuing to simmer and pulsate once the first flame was withdrawn.  The second hit on a screen wasn’t nearly as flavorful as the first, tasting more like the middle part of traditional hash, mostly smokey and expansive.  It also ceased to bubble after the initial hit, whereas we’ve seen some samples (from the same producer and others) which will manage to bubble again after a solid first hit.  It simply burned away like a coal for another 2-3 hits on average (for a small chunk).  On the skillet, it bubbles at first and then quickly turns black and begins to burn away, producing a woody and somewhat unpleasant-smelling smoke which hurts the overall flavor if consumed.  On the screen, a medium gray ash was left behind — on the skillet, the ash looked more black and was easily wiped away.

Effects:  This hash didn’t seem to come at full potency immediately, even when coughing a decent amount on the early hits — it was a gradual slide into medication which had our eyes and face feeling warm about 10 minutes after medicating.  The effects of this one are simultaneously relaxing and energizing, making the body feel fairly loose and slightly numb (solid pain relief) and overall had us sitting more than standing — yet, mentally we felt mostly clear-headed, with a few instances of wandering down a mental path and forgetting what was happening prior to that.  It seemed to encourage the patient to dabble in a variety of activities, not really focused enough on one at a time though, making it better for a fun day rather than a work day.  The smooth effects began to dwindle at 1 hour, then made a smooth decline from there with no residual effects other than some remaining ocular pressure/heaviness.

Duration:  1.5 – 2 hours medicinal-level potency, 2.5 – 3 hours overall duration

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Moderate body relaxation and pain relief, strong ocular effects throughout, mental stimulation/internal energy/mood elevation, and some appetite stimulation.

Overall:  We LOVED the aroma of this one and place it with the absolute best hashish we’ve ever smelled, both because of its pungency and its uniqueness.  We also really liked the way this sample looked, especially in large amounts, as it didn’t even look like hash, and the opaque texture and coloration of it are different than many of the products produced by Nikka T and Co.  While the flavor was spectacular at times, the latter part of any bowl/dab was much tougher to get through — if you are one of those moneyed patients, taking the first hit and nothing else would be superb with this hash.  Despite any disappointment with the flavor, this hash is clearly high-quality and well-extracted — we just felt that the peak potency and overall duration weren’t quite up to par with some of the other EE/Cherry Co. solventless waxes we’ve tried.  We still definitely enjoyed this sample, and it provided a perfect versatile hybrid sort of effect with just enough body effects to pair with the mental energy.

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