Durban Poison (Advanced Medical Alternatives)

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Durban Poison Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromAdvanced Medical Alternatives

Grade:  A-

Type:  South African Sativa landrace variety

Price:  $45/8th

Appearance:  (8/10)  A rather dry and very dense sample for the strain, this Durban showed the typical big, round calyxes and low leaf coverage that the strain’s known for.  The coloring was a mix of greens, with the calyxes starting light at the base and becoming dark… thin, bright orange pistils provide a contrast.  The trichome coverage was solid, but the harvest seemed a bit early, with few visible ambers.

Aroma:  (8.5/10)  Candy orange-fennel combination with a bite of chemical pine in the background… a very robust-smelling Durban that was pungent both in the jar and when ground.  Very quality Durban scent, one of the best we’ve had.

Taste: (8/10)  Not nearly as sweet as the smell, the taste was mostly along the chemical pine cleaner lines.  Average expansion and harshness made this a middle-of-the-road smoking experience in those regards, good for any patient.  Our inclination is that slightly more moisture would’ve helped the flavor some out a bit more, but it was still pretty solid.  It burned down to a fluffy, light gray ash, indicating a very good flush.

Effects:  Pressure in the eyes and a burst of cerebral energy (and some buzzy physical energy akin to a cup of coffee), with some visual sharpness started this one off.  A definite mood elevator, it had our staff feeling active and wanting to delve into a variety of tasks, often 2+ at the same time.  Slightly spacey in the sense that there was a lot of mental jumping around, but still functional in most cases.  Potent through about 1.5 hours, it started trailing off from there into more of a straight-up calming state that faded out to a slightly tired finish.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, ocular attention, anti-depression, pain distraction, and appetite stimulation.

Overall:  While we wish it would’ve been slightly more moist to allow the flavors to creep out a bit more, we really enjoyed this Durban.  The typical effects package of energy, mood elevation, and ocular relief was in full effect, as was that signature Durban smell.  This is a strain that is good for almost any patient who likes a Sativa, aside from those who are extremely prone to anxiety, as it can be a little on the rushy side.  A very solid initial entry by AMA… not the best Durban we’ve ever had, but close, and showing great potential.

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