ChemDawg Haze (ChemDawg x Super Silver Haze)

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General Information

Type:  Sativa-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  ChemDawg x Shantibaba-era Green House Super Silver Haze (#7 phenotype?), different than “ChemHaze” aka Dawg Daze which is Chem D x Sensi ’93 NL#5 x Haze

Geographic Origin:  USA

Seed Company/Clone: Clone only

Description: Adding some punch to the fairly cerebral Haze, this hybrid is a thoughtful combination of strains that starts off with a bang.




Growing Information

Flowering Time: Likely in the 65 day area

Preferred Growing Medium:

Patient Expectations

Scent: Acrid citrus, chemical pine and cleaner — it is normally Haze-dominant, with only some body odor-like funk as a reminder of the ChemDawg mother.

Flavor: Much like the smell but adding a unique “cool” eucalyptus and some flowery/soapy notes, it again is Haze-dominant.

Effects: With a bit of a sledgehammer start, this strain contains a variety of strongly Sativa effects, with the requesite head/eye/face pressure fluctuations, a tingly body, and a slightly rushy edge at times.  Once the initial slam wore off about 1 hour in, it dialed in to a fairly functional and social state that felt mentally clear.  A bit of drowsiness might creep in as the energy leaves, but it’s not a total crash.  Recommended primarily as a daytime/early evening  med for energy, mood elevation, ocular issues, and its anti-nausea properties.


ChemDawg Haze – Natural Remedies – October 2010

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