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General Information

Type:  Indica landrace variety

Genetics:  Afghani

Geographic Origin:  Afghanistan/Pakistan mountains

Seed Company/Clone: Many different versions available

Description: A very stout and hearty variety that originated in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these dark green Indica plants can survive almost anything.  Pest and mold-resistant, easy to grow, and compact.  Traditionally used in hash-making, Afghani varieties are  often extremely resinous and sticky.


Story: Originally brought into the United States and Holland in the 1970′s, it’s been used in many crosses to improve yield, mold/pest resistance, and add its Indica power and resin production.


Growing Information

Flowering Time: Short, 45-55 days

Preferred Growing Medium: These hearty plants are suitable for any type of cultivation and thrive even in difficult and cold-weather climates… they also thrive in SCROG and other training setups.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Normally hashy and earthy, sometimes very musky and spicy, at times overwhelming carbon filters.

Flavor: Hashy and pretty unremarkable in most cases, sometimes the spicy notes or even light sweetness comes out.

Effects: Sedating and pain-relieving, Afghani varieties are known for being narcotic at times and eminently relaxing.  Known for fairly high CBD content, they have great analgesic properties.


Afghani – Medicine Man – April 2010

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