Hawaiian from Green Meadows Wellness

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Strain:  Hawaiian

From:  Green Meadows Wellness

Pickup Date:  7/12/2011

Price:  $12/gram

Inspection Status:  Pass

Though we did find remnants of one stray fungus gnat (a pest that flies around and is present in almost every grow room to some extent, easily becoming trapped in the sticky trichomes and pistils of cannabis plants), this sample passed inspection with no other signs of trouble.  The trim was adequate, but there were some non-frosty guard leaves left on that we would’ve liked to see taken off.  Otherwise, this sample looked pretty solid, with a dense covering of small-headed trichomes at the peak of ripeness (a high number of champagne-colored heads) and a well-dried, dense feel overall.  We found small seed throughout the sample as well, indicating that it had been pollinated by something in the room.

Aside from the harvest timing and trichome density, the next best feature of this strain was its aroma, but that’s more a commentary on the lackluster flavor than anything.  The aroma was a pleasant and light pine-floral combination, which is a common package in the realm of Hawaiian and Maui strains — nothing remarkable, but there’s something elemental and enjoyable about it.  The flavor was just very neutral and bland, tasting more like smoke than anything distinct.  The smoke was relatively harsh and began to taste badly after the first 3 hits or so, degrading to an almost bitter flavor by the end.  We believe that there were residual fertilizers in this sample, as the final ash was a mottled dark gray and black — that, combined with the major degradation in flavor, it was somewhat difficult to finish the sample.

The appearance of this sample was above-average, but the flaws (tiny seeds and the flush especially) overwhelmed the positives, and we probably wouldn’t seek this one out again.

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