Grape Ape Wax (The Herbal Cure)

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Name:  Grape Ape Wax

From:  The Herbal Cure

Type:  Butane-extracted hash oil made from 100% in-house Grape Ape trim, whipped to a wax/budder consistency

Price:  $50/gram

Grade:  A

See full report here:

Consumption Method:  TI Skillet via bubbler

Visual: (9/10)  This wax had a medium golden color which had some whiter areas within it, especially when the chunks were broken apart.  The texture was soft enough to dab by just squeezing something against the wax, but it was also able to be scooped, making it easy to handle no matter what type of implement is used.  We saw a few random hairs and flecks of debris, but the actual extraction itself seemed extremely clean, judging from the color and the lack of visible plant matter.  Like their Papaya Wax, we’d suggest calling this one “budder”, as its consistency and color was more in line with that than standard (and lower-grade) “wax”.

Aroma: (9/10)  This extract was fairly unique in that it really smelled like the parent strain (see our review of the flowers this extract was made from here), with a mix of skunky and sweet smells which are uncommon in the “lemon-pine” world of BHO, where that pure trichome taste seems to overwhelm the more subtle nuances of smell and flavor.  Not here — the extract artist did a great job preserving the strain’s aroma, and it was one of the more pungent-smelling BHO samples we’ve had overall.

Flavor: (9/10)  Like the aroma, the flavor seemed to come through as a true Grape Ape experience, as we picked up some of the “purple” incense-floral-sweetness taste on the inhale, and there’s a lingering sweetness on the exhale as well.  It caused a good amount of coughing among our staff, but there was no lingering chest constriction or continual coughing/throat-clearing as happens with some BHO.  Seems clean, and it was very flavorful — again, great job by the extract artist.

Consumption:  Like most high-grade butane extractions, this wax disappeared when dabbed onto a skillet, leaving behind only an oily golden sheen on the dabber.  There was zero sizzling or other noises when it was vaporizing, and it seemed to be very clean overall.  Though we did cough, it was nothing out of the ordinary for a large dab and we were breathing free and clear a minute later.

Effects:  This extract had a smoothly relaxing effect that didn’t really come with much of the early jitters or Sativa-like raw potency that many BHO samples come with.  From the start, we felt fairly clear-headed and mentally active and able to function and focus on tasks, but there was an underlying deep relaxation that seemed to lay in wait over the first hour and a half or so of the experience.  One reviewer was dealing with terrible back spasms while performing the review, and while this extract didn’t outright kill the pain, it did relax the area and took his mind off the pain, which is really the battle when nearly any movement causes crippling pain.  This Grape Ape induced relaxation and we felt most comfortable sitting or laying down for sure.  As the second half of effects began to kick in, the body became heavier than before, and the eyes followed — sleep can definitely come with this extract if one allows it to — some of our staff were asleep at the 2-2.5 hour mark, waking up a few hours later and still feeling slightly medicated.  This is a long-lasting extract, and the lingering effects/comedown seem to add to the medicinal value for those seeking sleep, muscle relaxation, and pain distraction.

Duration:  Main effects 2.5 – 3 hours, lingering effects 4+ hours

Medicinal Traits:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)

Overall:  This is one of our favorite wax samples lately, and The Herbal Cure continues to show that their extract artist is someone to be reckoned with in the MMJ community, turning out clean, great-tasting BHO routinely testing among the tops we see.  This Grape Ape was even more flavorful and like the initial strain than the Papaya Wax was, reminding us immediately of the parent strain and also having some of the same “up then down” qualities as the flowers have.  The long-lasting effects were smooth and enjoyable, lasting longer than most samples and carrying a high medicinal value for those struggling with pain, muscle tension, and sleep problems especially.

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