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Bubba OG Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromAlternative Wellness Center

Grade:  A

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid, Bubba Kush x OG Kush

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (8/10)  This sample showed off thin cylindrical nugs that screamed “kush” to the review staff.  White it wasn’t amazing in any area, it was a tightly-manicured, above average density sample that shimmered when the LED was cast its direction.  Its blend of greens and long slender orange pistils gave it a classic look… no flaws to speak of here, the plant appeared to be healthy when harvested.

Aroma:  (7/10)  This one could almost be mistaken for a Diesel with its fairly acrid fuely twang, but it’s still Kush-dominant for sure, exhibiting an array of soily, musky smells.  It wasn’t pungent or even that noticeable until it was ground, which released all the aroma.

Taste: (7/10)  A near-perfect fusion of the two standard tastes of these strains, it was primarily a spicy, herby Kush taste but one reviewer picked up definite Bubba notes of that signature dark chocolate/coffee musky, bitter quality.  It possessed a long aftertaste as well, hanging in the throat for 5+ minutes after medicating.  The knock on this one was the flush, which appeared to be too short, as the ash was a murky medium gray with some dark chunks remaining.

Effects:  Drooping eyelids and strong, tingly body waves (one reviewer described it as a “melting feeling”) to start as well as a very strong presence behind the eyes and in the forehead, which felt like outward and inward pressure alternately.  This strain seemed to change slightly based on situation — when required to get up and be active, it went along with it — but mostly, the urge was to sit and enjoy the medication while retaining an active and fairly clear mind.  Strong mood elevation properties with this one had us laughing at everything and enjoying the company of others… great after-work relaxation and late-night calm activity strain.  It dropped off finally after about 1:45, which is among the longest initial potency durations we’ve seen… it was very potent up until that point.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3+ hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major mood elevation, anti-anxiety, body relaxation, strong ocular attention, some anti -nausea and sleep aid properties.

Overall:  This was a bit of a surprise for us, as the bag appeal didn’t scream potency.  But this was one of the more lastingly potent strains we’ve had lately, with a torquey power that continued through almost 2 hours after a 15 minute “creeper” delay.  Great relaxation and mood elevation properties made this a superb late-night relaxation strain — its Bubba qualities come out later in the duration and can make it a great segue into sleep when medicated a few hours before bedtime.  Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the Highlands — great job by Alternative Wellness with this one.

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